This site is an attempt of a group of volunteers to provide information on naturopathy, alternative medicine, Yoga and its benefits to our health. Many people dont know the benefits of simple natural cures and they unnecessarily consume medicines that make side effects to their health.

All articles we publish on this website are from different naturopathic magazines in India either donated to us or send via emails. However, we know that we are publishing a lot of uncredited material from unknown authors we received via mails, from friends and our readers. This is completely non-profit website and we just aim to spread the word about naturopathy in India and help people to benefit from it. If you own copyrights to some articles or data and you want us to remove it from our website, please contact us to claim your ownership and we will either credit you, or if you wish – completely remove the content with apology. If you are a naturopathy doctor or expert in the subject and wish to contribute to this site, we request you to donate your articles to publish on this site. Each article will be published with your credit note with one website link and email address. Please take note that, articles must be accurate and 100 percent original. We dont publish copied articles which are already published on the internet.

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