Natural cures for anal fissures

Natural cures for anal fissures

by Sanjay B


A Fissure occurring around the anus the pain extends up to muscles Fibers.

Causes of anal fissures

The most common cause for Anal Fissure is chronic constipation which damages the muscles membrane and tissues.

The Fissure will open during bowels movement and cause itching and pain. It may be infected due to faeces. Wrong food habits are other common causes.


Anal Fissure is a very painful act especially during bowels movement. It is associated with itching around anus and bleeding per Anus.


1. Combat constipation with bulk vegetables and oily enema or warm water enema.

2. Fasting.

3. Raw Juices- Orange, Mosambi, Carrot, Pineapple, with warm water. Every two to three hours a glass of Juice with water on equal quantity of water.

4. After-wards 5 hourly Juice therapy is to be done with peach, pear, pineapple for a week.

5. Then you adopt well balanced diet.

6. Simple, unrefined foods must be taken.

7. Enema with olive oil, daily, if necessary.

8. Adequate fluids to flush out toxins and for easy bowel movement, before or after meals only.

9. Tub bath-warm and cold alternatively. 10. Lemon Juice + water + a little salt.


Rice, Cakes, Biscuits, Cheese, Fleshy foods, White sugar and Dairy products and Fleshy foods and preservatives.


Physical exercise, fresh air and Yogasanas as Shalabasava, Yogamudra, pavanamuktasana, uttanapadasana and lastly shavasana.

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