Natural cures for Chronic kidney disease- (CKD)

Natural cures for Chronic kidney disease- (CKD)

by Sanjay B

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a gradual and progressive condition that happens when the kidneys do not take out waste products for at least three months in a row.

Causes of CKD

The most common causes of CKD are high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. Chronic kidney disease can also be caused by infections or urinary blockages.

Symptoms of Chronic kidney disease

Edema (abnormal accumulation of fluid), Anemia (decreased concentration of hemoglobin), Dyspnea (shortness of breath), Fatigue, Hypertension (High blood pressure), Anorexia (loss of appetite), Weight loss and General malnutrition

Natural cures

One of the most important part of treatment for chronic kidney disease is to control the disease that is causing it. If diabetes or high blood pressure is the causative factors, treatment for them should be the first, to slow the damage to the kidneys. Further the main aim of treatment is to

  • Reduce the excretory work of the kidneys, maintain satisfactory nutritional status and
  • Prevent progression of renal damage

The main emphasis is on the diet as it plays a major role in the progression of the condition.

  • Foods rich in protein especially pulses, legumes and grams should be used in moderation. Any sort of Non-Vegetarian diet should be stopped immediately.
  • A considerable restriction should be done in the use of leafy vegetables like spinach, coriander leaves, drumstick leaves and the underground tubers like potato, yam, colocasia and tapioca. This is to reduce the potassium over load in the kidneys.
  • Fluid intake should be in accordance to the output of urine. Judicial intake will avoid the excess fluid retention in the body.
  • In case of severe edema and hypertension the use of salt should be restricted to the maximum extent.
  • Maintain your ideal body weight with moderate intake of food with the above mentioned restrictions.
  • Use Celery leaves, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Grapes and Watermelon when swelling is profound. These are the natural diuretics.
  • Juice of apple is well tolerated in CRF and hence can be consumed.
  • Blood pressure should be monitored regularly and maintained within the normal limits with naturopathy and yoga treatments.


Massage can be had regularly to reduce the swelling of the feet as it helps to dislodge the accumulated fluids in the tissue space.

Taking into consideration the general well being of the patient, if it is satisfactory, Steam baths for short duration or green leaf sun baths without covering the face are effective means to promote sweating, thus when had frequently helps the body get rid of the accumulated toxins in the blood. But caution should be taken if high blood pressure is present.

Cold hip baths for 10 minutes a day may help to stimulate the kidneys by promoting urine production. Repeated wet packs or compresses to abdomen & lower back, ‘T’ pack – packing like “lankotti” covering the abdomen, kidney pack, and mud pack application will also be helpful. Local mud to abdomen and legs in case of edema will be useful.

Enema is advisable if the patient is constipated. It helps to relieve the congested abdomen in case of ascites. Participation in a daily exercise / yoga program under strict supervision of an expert will help to control diabetes and high blood pressure, if they are present, there by prevents the progression of the disease.

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