Immune System and Diseases

Immune System and Diseases

by Sanjay B

Nature has blessed us with a protective mechanism to eliminate, destroy, bill and render inactive, all those elements which come to strike our internal anatomy and natural functioning of the body.

The human body is a masterpiece of Nature; its mechanism so intricate, mind-boggling, wonderful, baffling and perfect that it keeps you thinking of its creator who alone can gift such a marvellous mechanism which can withstand the onslaught day in and day out, from within and without; its self curating properties working round the clock. But upto a point and when that point is reached i.e. when the laws of Nature are violated to extremes and its signals ignored-then sets in symptoms and diseases.

So how do we keep our system strong? Read on and try to put into practice as much as you can.

  • Eat right. Eat vegetarian. Eat in moderation. Eat slowly, chew your foods to liquid consistency, eat only 70% of your capacity- the rest for water and gases to move along. 75% of your ailments can be solved with the correct foods for specific diseases. (See also : Food intake for holistic health)
  • Maintain the acid/ alkaline balance in the blood. Eat 70% from the fruit, vegetable, milk, dairy and nuts section. The rest 30% from cereals, pulses, flour etc.
  • Avoid constipation. From which ever angle you perceive, constipation is the root cause for most diseases to thrive and flourish.
  • Include raw vegetables, cooked vegetables fruits, dry fruits, salads, sprouts, soups, and one glass of either fruit juice/ vegetable juice/ nariel pani (coconut water) / lassi daily in your diet.
  • Live one day in the week on a liquid diet- milk and milk shakes, fruit juices, veg. juices, buttermilk, watery dais etc.
  • Chew 8 to 10 tulsi leaves with 3 black peppercorns or chew some curry patta, pudina (mint) leaves daily. (See also : Benefits of Tulsi)
  • Have a drink of water to which lime, honey, dry ginger (adrak or sunth powder), mint leaves are added.
  • Flag off the day with herbal tea adding lemon grass, pudina leaves, adrak, a pinch of cardamom cinnamon and clove powder together with a few basil (tulsi) leaves.
  • Ginger, garlic and raw onions are Nature’s anti-biotics. Eat them raw daily.
  • Have one meal of only fruits, occassionally or daily. Breakfast or lunch time (especially in the summer months) would be ideal. Avoid as a dinner.
  • Exercise regularly. Include yogic asanas in your exercise regimen, breathing techniques and preferably one outdoor sport occasionally.
  • The body needs rest and relaxation from time to time. Avoid physical and mental exhaustion. A peaceful undisturbed nocturnal sleep is a great refresher and an afternoon nap is an ideal pick-me-up and good for the skin. (See alsoHeal with Yoga Nidra )
  • Avoid as far as possible all devitalized foods lying across the counter for days and months together and that includes aerated waters as well.
  • Take help forthwith in getting rid of bad habits like smoking, excessive alcohol, gutka, beedi, narcotics and so on. Group discussions and consultations will help you to get rid of the problem eventually before it destroys you completely at the physical, mental and emotional levels, breaking hearts and relationships in the bargain.
  • Live and love moderately. Passionate madness leads to pain eventually.
  • Avoid being overweight.
  • Listen to music that elevate your spirits and moods-daily.
  • Get rid of morbid thoughts and unnecessary fears. Try to remain calm and collected in crisis. Things will sort out in time. ( See also : Natural remedies for Stress, Anxiety)
  • Don’t live on medicines all the time. our body is not a ‘pharmacy’ or a chemical factory. Live ‘naturally‘ most of the time. Do remember that nature and nature alone does the healing.
  • Immunity and cellular activity go hand in hand. Keep the cells of your body young and active by exercising and drinking magnetized water.
  • Go for family outings and recreations. It lifts your spirits, multiplies joy and creates a loving bond in relationships.
  • If you are a heavy non-veg eater try to reduce the intake, slowly and slowly with age. When the body is ill try to avoid non-veg foods. Mixed vegetable soup is far superior than chicken soup! (See also : benefits of vegetarian food)
  • Severe psychological stress can make immune system go haywire. Find out the cause yourself and undo the wrong you have done to yourself and do others. Forgive, forget and start afresh.
  • Please don’t confuse ‘fasting‘ with ‘starving’. Systematic fasting or abstinence from food helps you heal up speedily.
  • The old dictum “Early to bed and early to rise” still holds true specially during week-days. Keep a gap of at least 1 to 2 hours between dinner and retiring to bed.
  • A life of truth, faith, contentment and daily duty has its own rewards as time shows. What’s that got to do with the immune system you may ask? Lots my dear. Your body has a mind too and both are intimately and immediately connected. Mind you!
  • Keep active in mind and body, read and learn something new daily, help out in whatever way you can.
  • Avoid jealousy, envy, temptation, fast paced life, mad competitions, fast cars, fast money and fast foods all the time unless you want to reach ‘up’ fast before your time! What you eat is no doubt important but what’s eating you up is equally important!
  • Spends some time alone with yourself. Pray, meditate and talk to your inner voice which undoubtedly will tell you what’s right and what’s wrong. Strive for inner peace and serenity to strike a harmonious balance between the physical body, the mind and the spirit.


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