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Dietary Management for Diabetics


Eating healthy food is one of the most basic and important tools of diabetes management. The right food choices can help to control blood sugar and promotes good health. There are several methods of planning meals for improved diabetes control. Every person with diabetes should have a personal meal plan developed by a dietitian or a qualified professional.

Benefits and uses of Tulsi Herb (Holy Basil)


Tulsi is regarded as a bind of “elixir of life” and is believed to promote longevity. It has been traditionally used by Hindus and now others, for its diverse healing properties.

The Tulsi or Holy tulsi (Osimum sanctum) is an important symbol in many Hindu religious traditions. The name “tulsi” means “the incomparable one”. Tulsi is a venerated plant and devotees worship it in the morning and evening. Tulsi grows wild in the tropics and warm regions. Tulsi has two varieties one Dark Tulsi (Red) and other light (White). The former possesses greater medicinal value and is commonly used for worship.

Are you a naturopathic doctor in India?


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Natural Immunity


Inability of bacteria by themselves, to create disease is further confirmed by, the well known fact that human body possess natural immunity. Human beings are more or less affected by hereditary or acquired disease taints, morbid, encumbrances and drug poisoning, due to prolonged violation of nature’s laws and also suppression of acute and chronic diseases with unnatural methods and drugs.

Diet and Yoga Therapy for Cancer


There is a need for emphasizing again & again that health of the individual is mainly dependent or determined by their behaviour, their food and nature of their environment. This is true in each and every disease & also in case of Cancer – which still is a dreaded but less spoken about these days because the menace of AIDS, reoccurrence of T.B. and Terrorism are burning like forest blaze.

It is surprising to know that in spite of vast research evidently showing the preventive, curative and health promotive aspects by various diet & organic nutrients, changes in life style etc., people are still ignorant about all these aspects. The same old procedures of suffering, medication / drugs / pills / surgeries / agony & death are adopted. Though surgery has done a breakthrough, but prevention and health promotion are totally neglected.

Philosophy and Principles of food intake for holistic health


Food intake is one of the expressions of seeking fulfillment to the deep felt incompleteness in being. Creating awareness, clarity and sensitivity to body, emotional and spiritual needs, can go a long way in improving our choice of food at all the five kosas, thus paving way for healthful, fulfilled living and being.

Food intake is a fundamental aspect of daily living. In Ayurvedic texts, amongst the eight pillars supporting good health, it is considered the foremost.

As background, we shall look at the basic drive of living creatures, to eat. Next, the purpose of food intake and evolution of organs related to food intake will be looked at from evolutionary perspective and from unicellular organisms to more complex organisms like man.

Nature Cure for Dysentery


Dysentery is a serious condition affecting the-large intestine, characterized by inflammation and ulceration of the bowel. Among specific food remedies, bael fruit is, perhaps, the most efficacious. The use of pomegranate (anar) rind is another effective remedy

Dysentery is a serious condition affecting the large intestine, characterized by inflammation and ulceration of the bowel, a colic pain in the region of the abdomen and passing of liquid or semi-formed stools with mucus and blood. The disease is caused by two organisms, protozoa and bacilli. The former is generally known as amoebic dysentery and the latter as bacillary dysentery. An attack of amoebic dysentery is milder in comparison with bacillary dysentery. But while bacillary dysentery can respond quickly to treatment, amoebic dysentery does not leave the patient easily, unless he is careful.

Wheat Grass Juice Therapy – Health Benefits and healing properties


Wheat-Grass Juice Therapy, though coming in global notice not many decades ago, its efficacy was known to mankind millennia ago when man lived like beasts. Whenever hurt, they would apply a sort of grass juice to their wounds. This practice is still prevalent among the aboriginals. What is that especial element in that grass that works wonders. The research pointed it towards chlorophyll for apparent reasons.

The Healing Power of Mudras


Book Review

The Healing Power of Mudras

Author – Rajendar Menen
104 pp., Soft cover book, 2005
Price Rs. 80/-
ISBN 81-223-0873-2
Published by Pustak Mahal, New Delhi


It is believed that human body is controlled by five elements, viz. air fire, air, water, earth and sky. These elements are present in fixed proportions and even the slightest imbalance of any of these lead to various types of diseases. Mudras, specific hand postures, help normalize these five elements and hence the prana in the human body. Namaste, the normal gesture in India to greet somebody, is also a kind of mudra.

The word Mudra literally means seal. It has a number of different connotations in yoga, but these are most commonly associated with hand gestures. There is tremendous flow of energy in our hands and each finger of the hand is packed with nerve endings, energy and a meaning of its own. When these fingers are brought together in specific ways, they produce subtle effects and have the potency to heal. Mudras can help balance the flow of energy through the nadis that nourish our internal organs.

Cryotherapy – Ice Therapy


Ice therapy (Cryotherapy) is a treatment involving the application of ice. This is one of the commonest and very old method of treatments.

Ice isn’t just to make drinks cold any longer; in this advantage age ice has relocated its position as a therapeutic modality. Ice therapy is a treatment involving the application of ice. This is one of the commonest and very old method of treatments wherein the temperature of the skin over the ailment is reduced to 10° Centigrade during the treatment.