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Sleep Disorders – natural remedies and yoga


Naturopathy and yogic techniques work to improve the patient vital force respecting the intelligence of the natural healing process. Sleep disorders can be treated very effectively with these methods.

sleepSleep disorders are amongst the most common clinical problems encountered in medicine including psychiatry. Sleep disorders are mainly of 3 categories.

1. Primary.

2. Secondary – (Related to mental disorders)

3. Others – (Related to general Medical condition)

PRIMARY SLEEP DISORDERS : Primary sleep disorders are the result of an endogenous disturbance. Subdivision of Primary sleep disorders

1. Parasomnias – Characterised by abnormal behavior or psychological events in association with sleep, sleep stages or sleep – wake transitions. e.g., Somnambulisum (Sleep walking), Sleep terrors, sleep- Bruxism (teeth grining), sleep enuresis (bedwetting).

2. Dyssomnias – Characterised by abnormality in the amount, quality or timing of Sleep.

Dyssomnias include : Insomnia, Hypersomnia, Narcolepsy

Breathing related sleep disorder (sleep apnea)

Circadian sleep disorder :

This is due to an intrinsic defect in circadian pacemaker or its input from entraining Stimuli. This disorder includes

1. Jet lag Syndrome – excessive day time sleep

2. Shift work sleep disorder – those who work in shift basis

3. Delayed sleep phase syndrome – e.g. in exam students

A holistic view of life through yoga, value dimensions & spirituality


“What matters in Life are not a status or position but his virtues and wisdom”
–Samrat Ashok

Traditionally, this holistic view of life is given by the scheme of the four purushartha viz. 1. Dharma, 2. Artha, 3. Kama and 4. Moksha. It takes a holistic view of life and its multifaceted value dimensions. These dimensions have been labeled as material values, ethical values, social values, psychological values, aesthetic values and spiritual values.


It is a matter of common observation that while the world is progressing so fast in the domain of science and technology that man has been able to land on the moon, his character and his ways of life are going lower and lower every day. The atmosphere has undergone a change so much so that at present, nowhere in the world is left any substance of happiness or any essence of peace. Human life has now become worth a kawdi or worth of penny as they say. It has become very object and worth straw because he possesses neither any divine qualities nor real peace nor happiness.

Static & Dynamic In Asanas


Asana is that in which one is able to contemplate on Absolute Being continuously over a longer time. Otherwise it is no asana which leads to discomfort.

Yoga has become popular throughout the world and people are taking interest in practising various kind of yogic techniques.

Asanas have become favourite yogic techniques with almost all yoga practitioners. However, there is no other technique so grossly misunderstood as that of asana.

Asanas are looked upon as yogic exercises with out precisely understanding the meaning and the scope of the term exercise. The word exercise is very loosely used by the common man. This is the cause of confusion and has given rise to the controversy about the static and dynamic nature of the asanas. Some call asanas static and others practice them in a dynamic way without the precise understanding of the words static and dynamic.

Snake Gourd: A Tonic For The Heart


Snake Gourd is a natural antibiotic, expectorant & laxative.

snake-guardThe snake gourd (chichinda), also known as Chinese cucumber, occupies an important place among vegetables in India. It is an annual plant and belongs to the gourd family Cucurbitaceae. It is of exceedingly rapid growth and of climbing habit. The tendril is divided into three parts. The leaves are angular and hairy, with 5-7 lobes. They emit foetid odour when damaged. The flowers are white. The fruits are large and greenish white. They often reach upto 150 cm. in length and 8 cm. in thickness. There is also a short-fruited type. Tender fruits are used as vegetables.

The botanical name of the snake gourd is Trichosanthes anguiana. It is believed to have originated in India. It occurs wide from India to Australia. It has also been cultivated for long in this country and the Far East. The plants are commonly grown in South India for their snake-like greyish white spongy fruits. They are also grown in North India but mostly in home gardens.

Natural weight loss remedies and cures


Get Lighter – Turn to Nature.

Proper balance in five great elements in the body is necessary to maintain good health.

Naturopathy attributes Obesity to the imbalance of five principal Elements of Life. It is due to the increase in Earth, retention of Water, reduction in Air, latency of Sun & loss of Space. Rebalancing of the five changes your shape & protects you from diseases.

The imbalance is created by the modern chemically treated tasty foods, cold drinks, lethargic & comfortable living, excessively disturbing the room temperature for comfort & so on. This God-made adaptogenic machine gets accustomed to all this & keeps on storing even the unwanted things; causing obesity in the form of concentrated residual deposits till a limit & then it starts raising alarms for medical aids. The process takes years & can’t be reversed in days.

Excessive Salt Consumption Can Ruin Your Health


Excessive consumption of salt causes excessive thirst, anemia, acidity, reduces absorption of calcium from food causing osteoporosis and affects eye sight. It also raises bile secretion level, raises density of blood and decreases our vitality. It causes increase in blood pressure which in turn leads to heart diseases, paralysis and strokes.

It has been genetically established that Indians are more prone to obesity, heart diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes, when compared to other nationalities. And all this is usually attributed to our habit of taking more sweets and salty foods. Sweets are almost a necessary part of our diet, and no meal is complete without a sweet added to it. But few people are aware that excessive salt consumption is equally, if not more, dangerous for our health. Here too, Indians score heavily over others, because our food usually contains such high salt products such as pickles (Achar), Pappads, Chutneys, etc. In between our main meals, many people consume lot of salty snacks like samosa, kachori, dal bhujia, namkeens, golgappas (Pam puree), dahi wada and what not? We all know, of course, that people suffering from high blood pressure should avoid salt, but beyond that we are very little aware of how much salt we should consume and that high salt diet can lead to serious health consequences.

Diet in acid peptic disorders


These constitute disorders of acid production in the stomach which result in digestive abnormalities. A natural healing diet provides the right balance of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, mineral and water. A change in life style also helps to reduce the risk of acid peptic disorders.

Literally speaking acid peptic pertains to:

Acid: – A substance which when dissolved in a solvent releases hydrogen ions (H+). In this particular case we are talking about hydrochloric acid, which is produced, in our stomach.

Peptic: – That which promotes or helps in digestion.

Laughing Therapy


Laughing is the easiest effective remedy in particular diseases related to tension, whether it may be Heart, Blood pressure, Diabetes etc. Laughter aids digestion, stimulates heart, strengthens muscles, activate the brain’s creative function & keep us alert. Laughing cure is healthy lifestyle. Laughing is a physical internal cleaning process of body. Use of laughing as an option for medicines gives immediate & effective result & person may become free from the slavery of medicines.