Why Naturopathy

Why Naturopathy

by Sanjay B

Several systems of treatment like Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Unani and Nature Cure etc. are prevalent in our country and almost all of these are having wide acceptance by public. However, it remains a fact that each system has its own advantages or limitations. No system can claim to be complete in all respects. Therefore the rational approach would be to have an integrated approach in respect of treatment and different system should become complementary to each other in the best interest of suffering masses. Creation of water tight compartments would not only prove to be disservice in respect of several patients and diseases, but also be antiprogressive approach in respect of development of the particular system itself.

Nature Cure believes in unity of cause of diseases and unity of their treatment. It’s approach is holistic. It treats the body as a complete unit.

So far Naturopathy is concerned, it has it’s three aspects. First is preventive, the second one is curative and the third one is health promotive aspect. When a patient undergoes Nature Cure treatment and peculiarity of approach lies in the fact that, In other systems the patient need not understand the technicalities involved in treatment but in Nature Cure treatment, the patients are required to have a good understanding of the laws governing health and disease. They are grounded well in respect of laws of Nature and are advised to follow them strictly for restoration of health. Health can only be restored or preserved or promoted or prevented from diseases by living in harmony with Nature.

In Nature Cure no drugs or medicines are used. It is believed that diseases are outcome of accumulation of foreign matter in the body and health can be restored by eliminating them. Drugs are considered as add to the already accumulated toxins in body and therefore to be discouraged. The manifestations of symptoms are indicative of reaction of the body and the only thing that is required to be done is to keep them through drugs and other means.

There are two popular definitions of Naturopathy one is purely Indian, based on Ancient Indian Health Sciences and the other one is of Dr. Lindlahr which is widely accepted all over the world. As per Indian beliefs our body is made up of five great elements Earth, Water, Sun, Air and Ether. The imbalances among these five elements are responsible for diseases and the treatment of various diseases with the help of these five element is called Nature Cure. Dr. Henry Lindlahr has defined Nature Cure as a system of man building on physical, mental, moral and spiritual planes of living in harmony with constructive principles in Nature applied to individual life. Nature Cure as a system of treatment is called Naturopathy.

There is a common saying in Nature Cure that all the diseases but not all the patients are curable by Naturopathy. It depends upon vitality of the patients. If sufficient vitality is there in patients, he can be treated successfully irrespective of the type of disease he is suffering from. It is because cure is effected by vitality working within i.e. Nature. However at Nature Cure centers patients generally come for treatment of G.I.T. disorders, Asthma, Cardiac diseases, Obesity, Diabetes, Insomnia, Hypertension, Mental tension, Anxiety, Cold and Cough, Skin diseases and Occupational disorders as a last resort and surprisingly they get improved.

In Nature Cure the methods employed in treatment are quite easy and can even be practiced at home. In fact Nature Cure is a science of living in tune with Nature. It mainly stresses on natural way of life. It not only frees one from diseases but also educates one how to prevent himself from diseases. The methods generally employed in treatment are Mud Pack, Enema, Hot and Cold fomentation, Hip bath, Steam bath, Hot Foot Bath, Sun Bath, Spinal Bath, Mud Bath and several types of packs etc.

This being a system of healing without medicine, is free from all the sorts of side effects and iatrogenic diseases which are outcome of medicines. Nature Cure therapy is completely safe for all and beneficial in almost all the disease conditions provided rightly applied.

Diet is an important part of Nature Cure treatment. In fact in Nature Cure treatment, patient’s diet is his medicine. It is generally fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, sprouted cereals, fruit juices, salads, boiled vegetables and vegetable soups etc. as per his needs based on disease condition. Such type of dietary programme help the body in eliminating the foreign matter from body. The principle generally followed in preparation of natural diet is that the food items should be as fresh as possible and they should either be not distorted at all or if possible least distorted by way of cooking, frying etc. with addition of large amount of oil, spices etc. The naturality is to be maintained to the highest degree and one should enjoy its natural taste as well unless it is so impalatable to add some thing to change the taste. Therefore natural diet prepared in Nature Cure centers contain minimum oil and spices in it.

Nature Cure treatment does not take longer time in recovery of disease as is generally believed. If a patient suffering from a disorder since 10 Years, undergoes Nature Cure treatment and gets relief from his symptoms in about one or two months then the time spent in treatment can not be considered much. The time taken in Nature Cure treatment generally depends on vitality of patient and chronicity of illness.

Nature Cure treatment does not make one dependent on doctor or institution. The effort on the part of Naturopathy is to make everyone self sufficient in health matters. It is quite possible in Nature Cure as the principles as well as practices are so simple that after learning properly any one can follow it at home. Actually Nature Cure is a way of life. If one could learn the secrets of health and follow them then there is no likelihood of falling prey to disease in his life.

According to Nature Cure the cause of diseases are wrong eating habits, wrong thinking habits and wrong living habits, these causes disturb the whole system. If one do not follow the rules of a balanced daily routine, take spicy, oily, heavy and rich food, remain tense, depressed and excited, then no body can save him from getting ill. So it is necessary that one should follow the Nature Cure principles and be happy and cheerful.

Nature Cure method of treatment gives more stress over a well balanced diet because Nature Cure believes that alteration in pH and imbalance of blood gives rise to several diseases. The so called popular foods like Pun, Dal, Spicy vegetables, Sweets, Cold drinks and Pickles etc. are acidic foods and have a tendency to reduce the alkalinity of blood where as majority of fruits, vegetables and salads are alkaline in nature and increases the alkalinity. So it is advisable to have a large amount of fruits and vegetables in daily diet.

Nature Cure as such is not costly as no drugs are involve in treatment. However, since the prices of fruits, vegetables and juices are becoming costlier, the expenditure over diet of patients goes slightly towards higher side. Care is generally taken by physicians to prescribe seasonal, cheap and easily and locally available fruits and vegetables to poor patients instead of costly fruits so that he could easily afford the treatment. Otherwise also one should prefer for seasonal vegetables and fruits as Nature produces them in that particular season because they are needed and beneficial in that season. As for example Carrots and Guavas are plentily available in winter season so it may be used in large quantity in that season. Melons are available in summers. Why not consume them to kill the heat? Thirst? Nature is perfect in its arrangements. What is needed is to understand them.

One should not hesitate investment in right natural food items. It will not only cure ailment but also promote health. It will zero medical budget and promote efficiency for better earning.

One who cares for health should also care for avoiding health harming foods. Those under Nature Cure treatment should specially care for it. Tea, Coffee, Bidi, Cigarette, Pan Masala, Zarda, Tobacco, Alcohol, Non-veg and such other things are highly harmful to health and they are strictly prohibited in Nature Cure therapy.

Several serious disorders including cancer is outcome of un-natural, health harming foods and habits. Tea which is most commonly offered and drank several times a day (in India) to the extent of abuse deteriorates the natural appetite and develops constipation. It is seen in most of the patients that by simply stopping the intake of tea several of their complaints disappear. It is wise for both patients and healthy people not to take above listed articles for their own benefit.

In Nature Cure the main emphasis is kept on the elimination of the root cause of disease. Disappearance of symptom is not disappearance of disease. It is generally observed with patients taking medicines that the symptoms of diseases remain suppressed while taking medicines but as soon as the withdrawal of medicine takes place symptoms reappear again. Nature Cure believes in unity of cause of diseases and unity of their treatment. It’s approach is holistic. It treats the body as a complete unit. While in Allopathy and other drug systems there are separate medicines for diseases and symptoms of different body parts as for example there is separate medicine for Stomachache and Headache, while there may be a single reason for both the aches. Although as stated above Nature Cure treatments are so easy and simple that one can follow it at home after getting proper guidance, yet for chronic and incurable diseases condition it is advisable to take treatment in a Nuture Cure center under the guidance of a competent Nature Cure physician. In treatment of chronic diseases generally the acute condition develop as a result of reaction of the body which is called crisis. The crisis is of two kinds. One is healing crisis and the other disease crisis. Only an experienced Naturopath can distinguish them. If a healing crisis has developed the patient is sure to get cured after passing over of the crisis. If a disease crisis has developed the patient may die. Patients in such conditions become nervous. Therefore, it is advisable to stay in the hospital during such period. The acute patients can take Nature Cure treatment in outdoor and follow the dietary regimen and part of treatment programme at home.

Constipation is responsible for several other diseases. Now a days most of the people are suffering from it and are taking several types of powders, tablets and capsules in the hope of getting rid of it but with little or no relief. 1 he Nature Cure treatment of such patients consist mainly Hot and Cold fomentation daily morning, Mud pack over abdomen, Enema and Hip bath. In afternoon patient may use wet abdomen pack. The diet of such patient consists increased quantity of roughage in the form of bran mixed chapati, salad, vegetables, fruits and juices. Carrot juice if available can be taken in constipation with good results. In addition exercises, yogasanas and other yogic practices are also be prescribed for speedy, stable and positive results.

Healthy persons can also undergo Nature Cure treatment’s health promotive and disease preventive aspects. Human body servicing programmes for 10 days for such people are attracting more and more people and is quite popular with Nature Cure Institutions in Southern part of the country. Only Naturopathy can give right knowledge for maintaining health. By regulating his daily routine including eating and living habits one can not only improve his health but stay prevented from diseases. This is the aim of Naturopathy.

Now a days people have no time but at the same time have also keen interest in taking benefits of Nature Cure treatments. For such people Nature Cure centers may conduct a health improvement scheme for ten days. Such schemes are beneficial for executives and busy people. During the stay of ten days in Nature Cure center effort is made to purify the body internally and stabilize the mind. The daily routine of person is changed and regularised properly. By prescribing short term fasting the digestive tract is given a physiological rest and subsequently with the use of plenty of fruits, juices and sprouts m diet the digestive system is made to improve. Yoga practices and Pranayama and meditation are prescribed and taught for relieving mental strain. Morning and evening walks in parks and enjoying surrounding greenery develops pleasant and creative changes in mind. General treatment like Mud pack, Enema, Steam bath, Sun bath and Body massage etc. prescribed for internal cleansing of body and improving the activity of internal organs. In this way a person after ten days feels himself much fresher and lighter and happier than earlier and ready with new enthusiasm to go for work again. In treating diseases combination of Yoga practices and Nature Cure treatment methods seems more effective. The management of diet is of very important in treating diseases for full recovery. Nature Cure treatments, practice of Yoga and a well balanced and nutritious diet are three important pillars where upon cure rest.

Those who want to maintain health should observe a healthy routine as follows:

One should rise up before sun rises and go for morning walk or simple Yoga practice daily. After taking bath, light breakfast e.g. seasonal fruits, juices or sprouts should be taken. Lunch may consist of balanced and live food including whole meal bread, green leafy vegetables, salad and curd etc. In afternoon any fruit juice or vegetable soup as may be convenient can be taken. The dinner should be taken before sunset or if it is not possible long before going to bed as in lunch. Early to go for bed is equally important. The best time for going to bed is by 10.00 p.m.

If one maintains his daily routine including early to bed and early to rise, regularize his eating and living on natural basis, keep his mind cool and think positive, observe spirituality and non -accumulation beyond needs, take challenges optimistically and adopt right means, work hard but without attachment, maintain a pleasant atmosphere and live free from any worries and tensions then one can certainly prevent himself from various ailments and stay healthy throughout his life. These are the laws of Nature Cure which will be valid in all times to come and for all the people.