How to prevent cancer naturally

How to prevent cancer naturally

by Sanjay B

Though we seem to have made inroads in every aspect of technology and science, there’s one huge area in which we’re sorely lagging. The prevention and cure of cancer. It’s true huge strides forward have been made in research, but it’s also true that there seems to be more patients stricken by the big C all around us. It’s a rare person today who doesn’t personally know someone suffering, on treatment, or who has died of Cancer.

Most research unfortunately is targeted at creating or fine-tuning stronger and stronger drugs to fight, control or cure cancer. But not much is being done to figure out how we can simple prevent cancer.

There are some causes most scientists agree on

  • Environmental factors and our chosen lifestyles are the main causes of cancer.
  • Pesticides in our food are controlled but just not enough
  • Our diet consists more and more (especially when we’re younger) of processed foods with artificial ingredients, color, chemicals and packaging
  • Bad lifestyle habits – too much of everything – food, drink, pollution, and stress. And too little sleep
  • The yet unknown dangers of all the wireless and electronic technologies we use all day
  • Side effects from stronger and stronger drugs and excessive use of cosmetics and sunscreens

Unfortunately, the large pharmaceutical companies are concentrating on creating even stronger toxins that purportedly will stop the cancer, but more and more independent studies are showing that the risks connected with the treatment for cancer far outweigh the benefits.

On the other hand, there are various movements forward in the research and knowledge about cancer in general that just aren’t getting the kind of attention they deserve.

Among them

The fact that Vitamin D deficiency is a certain causative factor of cancer. The simplest form of Vitamin D is the sun and sunshine on your skin. Too much now we’re covering up our skins and staying indoors in artificial light in front of radiating screen when its suggested just increasing exposure to sunlight by 30% would decrease our risk of cancer.

The hype has been on skin cancer being caused by the sun, but that really has to be very harsh tropical sunshine we’re talking about.

Control your level of Insulin.
Research shows that cancer cells thrive on sugar. The best thing to do is to limit the amount of sweet items, sugars and fructose that you ingest. Remember that processed foods have many hidden sugars. Eat rice and processed grains within limits too.

There’s no question that exercise is good for us, but no where as important as when it comes to resisting cancer. The most important thing that the correct exercise can do is to improve your immunity and that is protection from everything; a common cold to cancer. Correct exercise should encompass a wide variety, from strength training to aerobics, from stretching to quick  high-intensity exercises that raise your heart beat drastically for about 25 seconds, alternating with calm-down periods.

Eat right
Keep your weight under control, and stay within your ideal body weight range. Eat more vegetables and fruits of all colors. Most people think they are eating enough vegetables and fruits but aren’t really. The most effective are what are termed as cruciferous vegetables – the list includes water cress, cabbage, broccoli, kale, horse radish, radish and cauliflower, but the list is much longer – look it up, you’re bound to find something you like.

Preferably boil or steam your foods, rather than frying, grilling or barbecuing.

Drastically limit your intake of all processed foods whether it’s bakery products and ready-made pasta or packaged snacks.

Learn to control your Emotional well-being

Stress is an inevitable part of our lives. They can be good stress, and bad stress, and ultimately when handled badly they lead to raised levels of blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar levels and can cause hormonal imbalances. The last two particularly are known to increase your risk of cancer. The important thing is to help your body learn to tolerate stress better. Meditation, regular exercise, yoga, deep breathing techniques, cultivating hobbies, listening to music, giving yourself breaks to be one with nature, learning to relax, keeping contact with friends and family, prayer of some kind; these are all roads to successfully learning to handle your bad stress. Each person must choose what suits and soothes them best.

Sleep well
Research has shown that people who regularly sleep less are more prone to raised insulin levels and cancer. And as mentioned earlier this is one of the key causes of cancer.

7-8 hours of complete sleep, in a silent, darkened room is what is considered best for most people. Optimally, be in bed by 10 pm.

Good sleep helps your body; cells and immune system rejuvenate themselves. You may have noticed that overwork and lack of sleep can bring you down with ‘flu. Equally, taking a day out to ‘sleep it out’ can usually rejuvenate you. Similarly, those who sleep well can prevent cancer.

Just like one does with a child, teach yourself to ‘wind down’ before bedtime. This means, don’t watch TV or work on your laptop in bed. Keep your cell phone far away from your head. If you must read, try to stick to matter that won’t activate your brain too much. Have a hot shower and warm milk before if necessary.

Limit your connection to technology
Limit your use of Cell phones, electronic and wireless devices as far as possible. There has been much debate but simply not enough so far, about the link of cancer and cell phone. Emerging research has shown that cancers of the salivary glands and brain tumors are on the rise. Certainly we are all exposed to microwave radiation from cell phone towers which you may not be able to control. But you can control your personal use of the phone, long periods close to a computer screen. Try and limit children’s of these devices. Don’t forget they’re all starting very early in life while there brains and bodies are still developing.

The mysteries of cancer are many and research is ongoing. But these simple directions could actually improve your quality of life and prevent cancer.

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