Hypotension management through naturopathy

Hypotension management through naturopathy

by Sanjay B

Blood plays an important role in physical health; Blood is circulated all over the body due to certain pressure of heart directly. The proper quantity and quality of blood is most important factor to maintain good health for long life. So blood pressure should be quite normal.

Renowned gerontologists of the world have come to the conclusion through their research that for longevity to be maintained, low blood pressure is better than high blood pressure or normal blood pressure. The man having low blood pressure is supposed to be in an inactive and peaceful condition. The death rate of low B.P. patients is less than that of hypertensive people. The patient suffering from low B.P is not at risk as compared to high B.P. The men in the age group between 60-70 years are found quite healthy having blood pressure 100/60 mm Hg or 90/55 mm Hg.

In 1974, Dr. Davis invented the formula of normal B.P. can be fixed by adding 65 in males age and 55 in females age, now that is supposed to be a normal limit of systolic blood pressure. The person less than 25 years must have the blood pressure 100 / 60 and the person more than 25 years must have 108 / 66. The measurement below this pressure is low blood pressure.

As the blood pressure goes down than normal, then much abnormal condition arises that indicates mismanagement of blood circulation all over the body. There may be many causes of low blood pressure.

Causes and symptoms of low blood pressure (Hypotension)

The main cause of hypotension is generally due to the lack of total quantity of blood (hypovolemia). The main symptoms of low blood pressure are headache, faintness and frequent anger becomes part of the characteristics. The symptoms of heart disease appear in many cases of low blood pressure patients. Arteriosclerosis also causes hypotension along with severe headache, weakness, lethargy, inefficiency in work and inactiveness. The hypotensive patient may suffer from pain in the region of heart apparently! This type of pain extends up to extremities. The patient may also suffer from pain in forehead and backside of head. Dyspnoea may be due to lack of oxygen in blood. The patient of low blood pressure generally suffers from excessive sweating especially in hand and feet, on and off feeling cold and weakness. If the patients do not suffer from the symptoms given above, then care should be taken to increase the weight in case of underweight, in case if they are overweight they should try to decrease the weight. In comparison with obese people, lean and thin people suffer from hypotension. The patients who are suffering from hypotension due to heredity must take special care to tone up there health in all respect. The position of the whole abdomen should not appear broader than the chest more over the abdomen should not look lean and thin. In both conditions given above creates continuous pressure on heart. Try to keep condition of abdomen and heart normal in active life since lack of no physical labour leads to hypotension.

Accumulation of toxic matter is the sole cause of hypotension. The accumulation of such toxins leads to defective blood circulation in the whole body. Therefore, the vitality becomes weaker. Due to such conditions many organs of the body suffer from many ailments. The treatment of hypotension should be given considering that cause. The excretion of foreign matter of the body and the management of proper blood circulation with increase in total vitality can be adopted by naturopathy and yogic procedures.

Naturopathic Management of hypotension

  • Diet and treatment
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Psychological treatment
  • Proper exercise and labor
  • Yogic therapy

Diet and treatment program

  • If a person is suffering from obesity and low blood pressure, his diet must be fixed under 1000 calories.
  • A patient suffering from low blood pressure with normal weight must be restricted within 1800 to 2000 calories.
  • The patient of labour classes under the age group of 20 to 35 must be restricted within the value of 2800 to 3000 calories.

5 am – Drink one glass of water with lemon juice.

6 am – Take 5 pieces of almond, 20 to 25 pieces of groundnut and 15 to 20 pieces of munakka with 1 cup of milk.

9 am – glass of raw vegetable juice of cucumber, lauki, correct and beetroot.

11:30 am – Chapatti and boiled vegetable, salad, cereals, curd and butter 40 gram.

2 pm – butter milk 200 to 400 ml 4:30 pm – seasonal fruit

6:30 pm – chapatti and boil vegetable salad, butter and curd

8 pm – Milk 200 to 400 ml

Tea, coffee, fried items, tobacco, smoking and synthetic food and drink and alcohol should be strictly prohibited.

Morning walk

Sunbath, sleeping in open air at night and swimming in river is a good treatment for hypotension. The patient should visit the place frequently which is free from pollution.

The whole nervous system of the body is toned up by unpolluted fresh air. This lets the whole body towards increasing the resistance against the diseases.


It is often observed that patients of low blood pressure generally suffer from constipation. The faeces get hardened in the intestine, after fermentation the disease matter is putrified. So the number of pathogenic bacteria increases in crores through circulatory system and spread all over the body due to which the blood pressure decreases. The proper treatment should be mainly done by giving mud pack, hot and cold fomentation of abdomen after that enema of luke warm water added with lemon juice should be given. To maintain the proper blood circulation full wet sheet pack, full immersion bath and foot bath may be given alternately. At evening abdominal wet pack or cold hip bath may be given every day to strengthen the nervous system. Sitz bath should be given once a day as a general treatment. The treatment with cold water and cool air bath is also beneficial for such patients. After hot treatment the patient must take cold shower bath for few minutes rubbing the whole body with rough napkin. While taking cold water treatment the constriction of blood vessel takes place in the whole body and then with reaction the blood pressure increases. To increase the nervous power, the whole body should rubbed with dry cloth for about 15 minutes. It is one of the best methods to increase the B.P. The patients of hypotension should do mental and physical labour/ exercises everyday in open place and atmosphere like free hand exercises, yoga or other fruitful exercises should be also done regularly. The rhythm of breathing should be maintained while doing exercises. Pranayama must be done for at least half an hour both in the morning & evening.

The routine of the whole day must be such, that the patient is active and his mind is blissful. Physical labour must be continued till the body is tired up to the maximum limit. After that, relaxation is also a compulsory affair. The patient should take rest on a bed with lower side of the bed elevated by 1 feet. The patient should keep a pillow below his waist up to knees while taking rest.

Positive thinking is important phenomenon to avoid frustrations and ill wills. The human body is great boon of nature and its best use is to serve the world. To be healthy and blissful is one of the most important instincts given by the nature. Then why should we not listen to our inner nature? Negative thinking leads to death. There should no place for such thoughts in life. To win the game of life one must be always hopeful. Try to increase the spiritual power and develop adventurous attitude. Blissfulness is the theme of health.

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