Natural cures for diabetes

Natural cures for diabetes

by Sanjay B

Different Naturopathic Remedies for Diabetes

If you think that you are spending too much for medicine, there is a need for you to know the natural remedies for diabetes. This is known as a disease in metabolism. If a person is suffering from this, he has more blood sugar in the body than normal.

It is vital that people know naturopathic remedies for diabetes since it is considered as one of the killer diseases in the world. In fact, millions die from it every year in different parts of the world.

Naturally, the body can heal itself. So, doctors have pointed out methods on how to cure diabetes naturally without really having to take medicine. Medicines, sometimes, have side effects so it would be wiser to know these naturopathic cures for diabetes. They are as follows:

  • Change your diet. One of the natural cures for diabetes type 1 is changing your diet. You need to get rid of the wrong diet since it is one of the greatest causes of diabetes apart from being inherited. Doctors agree that this could be a helpful cure for diabetes since you are diminishing the chances for it to elevate. Whatever foods causing your diabetes, you must refrain from eating them. It would also be a wise decision not to include sugary foods in your shopping list.
  • Quit smoking. For those who smoke, quitting smoking is also a natural cure especially for diabetes type 2. Well, this is self-explanatory.
  • Exercise. Another great treatment for diabetes is by doing regular exercise. Yoga is the best exercise for diabetes. This one does not only help in curing your diabetes, but in decreasing your risks of suffering from complications and acquiring other unwanted diseases as well. Bear in mind that being overweight is also one of the things that can trigger your diabetes, so keep your body moving for at least 15 minutes a day.
  • Get relieved from stress. Relief from stress is also a natural cure for diabetes. Stress does not only cause diabetes, it has many bad effects to your body too. Since stress increases the sugar in the blood, it triggers diabetes. Some people believe that stress cannot be avoided specially by those who are already working. But there is actually more than one way to be relieved from stress. You may get a massage treatment by simply considering cheap massage clinics out there. Bear in mind that you need to take a break sometimes in order to restore the normal chemical levels of your body.
  • The wonders of Ayurvedic herbal medicines and homeopathic remedies. There are also Ayurvedic herbal medicines and homeopathic remedies for diabetes that you can count on. What is good about them is that they are not just effective but cheap as well. In fact, they are considered the best cures for diabetes type 1 and type 2. The following are just some of the herbal medicines for diabetes that you can try:

Ginseng – according to research, there are several kinds of ginseng but the most effective one is panax quinquefolius also known as North American ginseng. This is proven to enhance glycosylated hemoglobin and blood sugar control levels.

Chromium – is considered a very important mineral that has a vital role to play in fat and carbohydrate metabolism and aids body cells to effectively respond to insulin.

Cinnamon – studies show that cinnamon is one of the best cures for diabetes type 2 because it has the ability to reduce cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and blood glucose.

Gel of aloe vera – a Japanese study revealed that the gel of aloe vera can have a great effect on lowering the blood sugar levels.

Bitter gourdBitter gourd this is also considered as a great Ayurvedic remedy for diabetes. It has a hypoglycemic substance, which helps in effectively lowering urine and blood sugar levels.

Fenugreek – this plant is known for slowly absorbing sugar in the stomach and stimulating insulin as well.

Neem – this plant is known to enhance the sensitivity of the body to receive insulin. This is the reason why it is known to work perfectly for those suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Turmeric – just like other plants, this is also known to lower the blood pressure of diabetics. When you combine it with medications, it can lead to hypoglycemia or low blood sugar.

Gurmar leaves – this is considered one of the most cost-effective cures for diabetes type 2 because it effectively lowers the blood sugar.

Bael – the leaves of Bael are by far considered the most effective parts that can cure diabetes. It improves the body’s ability in using its external glucose load by stimulating glucose uptake that is the same with insulin.

Garlic – this herbal remedy for diabetes is easily accessible. It has allicin, which can reduce your blood sugar level and bring out the cholesterol disintegration in your body.

Jamun or also known as Indian plum – this is also one of the most popular cures for diabetes. It performs an action in the pancreas to control the starch’s conversion to sugar.

Parslane seeds – these are included in the list of the natural cures for diabetes. What is great about them is that they boost the insulin of the body, thus effectively curing diabetes.

String bean pod tea – this makes a good alternative for insulin that is why a lot of diabetics consume it.

Soyabean – this does not contain any sugar and is considered a great energy source for diabetes. So, it is very ideal to include it in your daily meal.

Hucleberry – this is known to promote insulin production. By drinking a juice of huckleberry everyday, your blood sugar will already be reduced.

As you go on following the home remedies for diabetes, it is also a means of rewarding yourself with a treat. It is surely not easy to change a lifestyle, but giving your best shot will surely save your life. Bear in mind that if you have diabetes type 1 or type 2, it would be a matter of life and death. So, follow these naturopathic remedies for diabetes now before it is too late!

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