Eat Vegetables for Staying Healthy

Eat Vegetables for Staying Healthy

by Sanjay B

Vegetables are food items and eatables that we derive from plants. They are cultivated in almost all parts of the world where there is human settlement, except the poles. Typical vegetative items comprise of tomatoes, potatoes, green spinach leaves, broccolis, carrots, reddish, beet root, onions, and a whole lot of other food items. Some vegetables are grown regionally and some are grown all over the globe, ergo the types and number of vegetative items available is huge. Basically anything which is the leaf, the root, or the shoot of a plant and can be eaten is termed as a vegetable; except seeds, pulses, grains, and sweet fruit that are also obtained from plants but are not considered as vegetables. From time immemorial, health gurus and doctors have given emphasis in the eating and consumption of vegetables. Doctors and diet experts state that by adding sufficient amount of vegetables in our daily diet we can in fact save ourselves from a wide range of illness and ailments.

Importance of consuming vegetables

You all might have studied in your schools how energy from the sun is trapped by plants and passed on to animals and humans in an ecosystem. All the energy that we derive from eating different types of food comes directly or indirectly from plants. Plants trap the sun’s energy and absorb important vital minerals, and water from the ground for making their food. Vegetables are therefore rich reserves of essential minerals and organic nutrients like proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates. When we eat plants in the form of vegetables we are actually consuming these vital minerals and elements available in nature along with the energy produced by trapping the sun’s rays, directly. The nutritive value of food prepared from vegetables is hence much higher than the one prepared from animals. Our body requires the important organic nutrients like fat, proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates for growth and development. While fats and proteins can be derived from animals, vegetables are a rich source of vitamins and carbohydrates. It is observed that most patient suffering from various types of physical ailments avoided sufficient intake of vegetables in their daily meals. Many of you are ignorant of the benefits of eating vegetables and hence are more exposed to various types of ailments and syndromes.

Benefits of eating vegetables

  • Animal products are rich in fat and calories and consuming them in large volumes make one more susceptible to heart ailments. Eating large amount of vegetables makes the heart healthy and the risks of suffering from hear and coronary ailments gets shirked.
  • Eating vegetables fulfills your daily nutritional needs which are otherwise not achieved by consuming animal products.
  • You can also protect yourself from various types of cancers by eating vegetables. Many patients suffering from cancers and tumors did not ate sufficient amount of vegetables in the past and consumed more animal products instead. Hence doctors and health experts are giving more importance on the consumption of vegetables over meat.
  • Eating vegetables is good for the development and proper working of various organs. Vegetables is also beneficial for the proper working of the brain, liver, heart, and other organs of the digestive system.
  • Vegetable consumption provides us with the sufficient amount of fiber we require for the proper digestion of the food and better working and functioning of the digestive tract.
  • If you are looking for a diet that is low in calories and fat but rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals; you must start consuming more and more vegetables as they are low in fat and calories while being rich in other vital nutrients.
  • Eating vegetables may protect you from diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, lever related ailments, ailments of the kidney, stones of gall bladder and kidney, pancreatic ailments, etc.
  • Eating more vegetables ensure the sufficient intake of vitamins which is essential for your skin and hair growth. You can make your skin look more youthful and vibrant by eating green vegetables. You can also protect and treat yourself from various skin conditions by consuming different types of vegetables. More vegetable intake can also help you in fighting the effects of aging.

Besides the above mentioned advantages there are other advantages of eating vegetables as well. Hence start consuming more and more vegetables and add them in your daily diet. People finding it difficult to switch on to a more vegetative diet may indulge in preparing tasty vegetable recipes. Eating vegetables in the raw form is healthier and you can prepare different types of salads and consume them directly without cooking or heating. You can also prepare vegetable soups and stews and add chicken or other meat to it, if you want to prepare a non-vegetarian dish. By looking at the wide spectrum of the benefits of eating vegetables you must start consuming sufficient amount of vegetables and include them in your daily diet if you wish to remain healthy and diseases free in the future.

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