Yoga in Men’s Health

Yoga in Men’s Health

by Sanjay B

Seven years ago I was scouting for a gym to have my everyday workout. I have doubts in mind that if I go through the common gym guided by a fitness instructor, I will grow into a big muscle man and then if I stop, all the muscles will loosen up and turn into obese fat. But then I came across with Yoga.

Medical researchers look at yoga as an alternative workout solution especially for men who are fond of strenuous activities and sports. For years many have testified to its wealth of benefits including strength build up, endurance and flexibility, balancing the body and mind. The most important thing for men’s health work out is the stamina. But yoga does more things and that includes calmness and focus of mind. Unlike other workouts like weight lifting and basketball where stamina is built on warm ups, yoga uses the method of compression through the stretching, bending and twisting of abdomen, head and limbs. This allows the tourniquet effect or stopping the flow of blood in the compressed area and upon release, the compressed blood flows into that area brings a gush of oxygenated blood into the vital organs. The pumping of oxygenated blood works to stimulate the lymphatic and endocrine glands thus preventing infections, bacteria and toxin build up. Especially for men, we do like to sweat a lot what even more a complete workout like this. Yoga restores wellness to every muscle and organ in the body.
Relaxation is key for men’s wellness after a hard day’s work. What better way to do this but to calm the mind. The breathing exercises or the “pranayama” is the art of breathing control in yoga. Proper breathing helps the prevention of heart and organ failure. Researchers found out that we are only using 50 percent of our lung capacity. Proper breathing stimulates the heart and lungs thus bringing fresh oxygen into the brain through enhanced blood flow. Breathing control in yoga opens up the energy channels thus it will prepare the body for more difficult postures. Postures or “asanas” are simply various body positions we take up in yoga. I experienced miraculous recovery from migraines with correct breathing.
Yoga is so simple yet physically demanding even for men. It requires a certain level of flexibility, poise and grace which are challenges for the masculine.
Here are some yoga warm ups that you can do. A quick fix if you do not have time to attend yoga classes or gym. You can do it in the car while driving on your way to work:
Eyes : Move your eyes in different directions without even moving your neck or turning your head. Remember to breathe while doing it.
Shoulders : Lift both shoulders up, hold it for five seconds then slowly release. Then do one shoulder at a time for five seconds. This relieves stiffness and tension headaches.
Neck : Bend your head slowly backward hold it for 7 seconds then slowly go back to normal position. Do the same for left and right side of your head. It relieves stiffness.

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