Power of silence

Power of silence

by Sanjay B

Do you remember when was the last time you found a brief moment of silence and realized the sound of your breath? Most of the people will say ‘It has been a while’, but whenever you did I am sure you could have felt the stillness of your soul and the peace you can have in silence only.

Now a days, we are surviving in an extremely busy world, where we do not have time to think of ourselves and hence we all are used to this busy and noisy life. While thinking of our ambitions and having lot of expectations, we have probably forgotten to feel the pleasure of silence and peace.

We continuously use energy while thinking, speaking and performing all our acts. Obviously we would be able to restore energy while stopping all these but for that we have to experience it in the inner core. Have a few moments in silence and think it as a big ocean of energy. This is up to you, how you realize your soul in this big source of energy and continuous flow of energy towards it, as it is like a small drop in this energy lake. It is never more important to learn the art of silence, that is always internal.

Gandhiji used to spend one day of each week in silence because he believed that abstaining from speaking brought him inner peace.

To think beyond or out of box always requires us to come up with new ideas i.e. Creativity, which is born in Silence. Try to listen to your inner voice, you can learn to discover your unique ways of understanding. You can become your own master. Silence always brings balance and you can have best rest in silence by slowing down your body rhythms and rate of breathing. It always allows you to listen to music of your heart.

Gift yourself some part of your hectic clock as rest of silence and realize the power of silent energy everyday. The world may be crashing around our ears but we can be confined in our inward space. This will immediately make you to feel energetic and ready to take any challenge of life.

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