Dietetics, nutrition and Digestive disorders

Dietetics, nutrition and Digestive disorders

by Sanjay B

Naturopathy is a drugless, non-invasive, rational and evidence-based system of medicine, imparting treatments with natural elements, based on the Theory of Vitality, Theory of Toxemia, Theory of Self-Healing capacity of the body and the Principles of Healthy Living.As per the principles of Naturopathy, digestive disorders are primary in nature which may lead to secondary problems if not cared for in time. Other than external ingestion of toxins, the cause of digestive disorders chiefly refers to our habits – food habits and eating habits. Healthy, fresh and natural food is the only food human are expected to eat. Habits of eating like how much to eat, how many times to eat, how to eat, when to eat, where to eat, etc. are to be taken care to avoid digestive disorders.

Modern nutrition and dietetics have totally diverted the attention of the entire society from understanding the basic health principles related to food and eating habits. Though unknowingly or unintentionally (?), the outcome of modern scientific education on diet and nutrition has created a dangerous misunderstanding that anything that contains nutritional aspects can be good. The diet and nutrition department of the country or of the whole world or WHO, is not in a position to remove these hazardous misconceptions or overcome the dangers of the food industry.

Best example is refined food – World is advancing with refining and double refining or whatsoever it may be and we are simply fascinated by the presentation of the industry resulting in a confused state unable to protect the principles of health. Hybridisation is another danger. As we advance towards hybrid consumables, infertility, physical and mental impairment and the dangers like occurrence of diseases like cancer will also be on an increase.

Use of innumerable chemicals at every stage of food processing, right from cultivation to the stage of eating is not a serious issue for the modern scientific community and the stalwarts of the department of diet and nutrition.Toxic food, processed drinks, pastries, ice creams, cocoa, chocolates, pizzas, deep fried food, fast food, coloured, flavoured, preserved, all have become part of modern life style. The white revolution, green revolution, poultry revolution etc. are direct and more dangerous than the industrial revolution ! Lessons on quantity of food that should be taken at one time or danger of over eating is not seriously taught to the common man. Limiting the number of times, eating only when hungry and happy, importance of chewing, specially the carbohydrate rich food are also to be taken care to avoid digestive disorders.

Fresh and natural food has its own importance, where as it is least cared by the nutritionists and dieticians. There must be more serious understanding regarding the healthy eating habits. More efforts should be taken and rules to be made to protect the health of the citizens as a solution for all miseries.

Naturopathy has only one slogan – Return to Nature. Once the life is regulated according to the principles of healthy living it is easy to cure any disease including digestive disorders. If opportunity of healing is provided, the self- healing capacity of the body works very fast and the results are admirable. Toxemia, the cause of every disease will be rationally handled by the Vitality of the individual and the healing will take place without any surgeries and drugs.

Human body has remarkable recuperative powers when it is left alone. Leaving alone is important here, which means leaving the body and mind totally free ie. total rest or fasting.

FASTING : Therapeutic fasting can be defined as Total Rest – physical, physiological, sensory and mental rest, which includes voluntary abstinence from all kinds of food, whether solid or liquid, that demands digestion, except water, for a definite purpose and period of time. Fasting is the supreme remedy. “Langahanam Paramaushadham”(Fasting is an ultimate remedy). The scientific community, common man and even some naturopaths get frightened on hearing the word fasting. The true fasting on water or at the most some coconut water or lemon honey water, which does not demand much attention of vitality for digestion or metabolism, will provide healing to all acute conditions and opens the way for eradication of the chronic and degenerative problems. When Naturopaths themselves and their patients have conducted true fasting for weeks and months, why do modern Naturopaths tremble on hearing about fasting? Digestive disorders including peptic ulcers, ulcerative colitis, benign or malignant conditions or whatever may be the diagnosis, can be treated with fasting, dieting and treatment with natural elements.

Methods of Hydrotherapy, Mud therapy, Hot and cold applications, manipulative therapy, sun bath, exercise and Yoga Therapy can also be used beneficially to treat digestive disorders.

Principles of Naturopathic diet and nutrition has to be well understood and accepted by the modern man to live healthy. In diseased condition, he can approach Naturopathy without any doubt regarding its healing techniques like true fasting, therapeutic dieting, treatments with natural elements, exercise and yoga therapy. The self-healing capacity of the body, the power of vitality can thus be proved successful beyond doubt.

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