Appendicitis natural cures and remedies

Appendicitis natural cures and remedies

by Sanjay B


The inflammation of the vermiform appendix which is situated in the first part of Caecum the first part of the large gut. It is 8 to 10 cms long, a tube like structure neutralizes waste material present in the body, in the gut. It is worm shape. Appendicitis can occur either acute or chronic form. It occurs in both female and male between the 12 to 35 years. It is more common in developed and other under developed countries of the world due to improper foods and regimen in the style of living.

Causes of Appendicitis

The inflammation of the appendix occurs due to toxins present in the large intestines. If it also due to frequent use of habitual purgatives. The bacteria’s presently in the intestines will motivate the production of appendicitis. The wrong foods and fast foods intake will lead to these complications. And fast foods and irregular food intake will also promote this disease. The toxins will be localized at appendix and act as watch dog for further deterioration of toxins in the gut

Symptoms of Appendicitis

Pain is an important symptom occurring in the centre of abdomen previously the patient will have indigestion, diarrhoea or abdomen or discomfort in abdomen.

Fever ranges in between 100° to 102° F, nausea and vomiting may also occur. There will be pain and tenderness in the right part of the abdomen. The inflammation, if continued long time, results in abscess and its rupture leading to peritonitis that is inflammation of the peritoneum. Pain aggravates on coughing and sneezing. The above men will be come tense and the condition will become grave and toxic and it requires operation In this the recurrent pain in the lower abdomen associated with frequent pain in the right lower abdomen, associated with nausea and loss of appetite will be present.

Natural cures for  Appendicitis

Rest which is physical and mental is of utmost important for appendicitis patient especially when he is having severe pain, Fever and vomiting. Patient must be put on fast, hot water enema for 3 days and hot abdominal packs on the pain area of the abdomen. Cold packs alternately with a hot packs must be done till pain and other acute symptoms subside. Put the patient on fruit juices every two hours for 3-4 days after 5 days every 5 hours with warm water later put the patient on seeds, nuts, grains, fruits and vegetables. In case of chronic appendicitis, put the patient on fast, a short period and give fresh juices with warm water every 2 hours and later one and half hours and later on every one hour. Milk is the best diet for this disease. The soup of Fenugreek is also useful. First give milk for two hours then give less milk more fruit juices and beets, cucumber and green vegetables. Constipation must be avoided with hot fomentation on the abdomen, abdominal packs and abdominal massage along with colon wash with warm water enema frequently with these measures the surgical intervention can be avoided. If abscess of appendicitis bursts into the peritoneum, the surgery is the treatment of choice.

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