Irritable Bowel Syndrome natural remedies

Irritable Bowel Syndrome natural remedies

by Sanjay B

Urbanisation and civilised society has lead to the growth of digestion related disease. Most common of them is Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS. Many a times, it is difficult to detect this disease and we fall in the trap of wrong treatment. In this disease, although the food gets digested but the intestines are unable to absorb the elements present in the digested food i.e. vitamins, glucose, calcium, etc, because of which the body becomes weak there is deficiency of blood, weakness in the bones and muscles. On the other side food in its half digested form becomes bubbly, sticky. The intestines capability of stool elimination becomes weak in a person suffering from this disease.

Reasons of Irritable Bowel Syndrome :

  • Eating frequently and not on proper intervals.
  • Less amount of fibres in the food.
  • Tension or too busy schedule.
  • Eating oily and fried food.
  • Eating very late in the night and sleeping immediately after dinner.

Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  • Going for motions many times in a day.
  • Constant stomach ache.
  • Putting pressure during motion.
  • Heavyness in the lower abdomen.
  • Sitting for a more than usual time in motions.
  • At times not going for motions for 2-3 days at a stretch.
  • Amoebiosis or some sticky substance along with motions.
  • Stool sticking to the pot.
  • Bloating stomach after having food.
  • Irritable behaviour.

Diet Cure : Rough or fibre intake is useful for a person suffering from I.B.S. Fibre increases the quantity of stool which makes stool elimination easier, fibre is found in fruits and vegetables. In winters carrots, in summers cabbage, radish cucumber etc should be used. Among fruits papaya, beal, etc should be used.

Avoid use of refined flour instead use fibrous wheat flour and buttermilk, use lemon water with honey 2-3 times a day, instead of tea, drink 2-3 litres of water daily so that the intestines remains moist. Once or twice a week go for fasting.

Avoid : Milk and milk products which are full of protein are harmful in this disease and increase the problem of amoebiosis. Finely grounded flour gram floor, refined flour, chocolate, oily and fried food items, cold drinks, packaged food, pickles, tea, coffee, etc should be avoided.

Naturopathy Treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

In the morning on an empty stomach do hot compress for three minutes and cold compresses for two minutes continuously three rounds on stomach. Keep mud pack on the lower abdomen for half an hour, thrice a week take enema of buttermilk and massage the spine, abdomen and head. Take hot and cold hip-bath and he your abdomen with cotton cloth and then with a woollen cloth and keep it for 30 minutes. Enema of castor oil is also helpful for disease. It cleans the stool that is sticking to the intestine. At times cold wet, sheet pack cold hip bath and sankhprakashalan also help in the problem.


  • Early morning do brisk walking in the open fresh air.
  • Do abdominal asanas.
  • Practise “Rranayama”
  • After your meals lie on your left side for ten minutes.

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