Natural cure for tonsillitis

Natural cure for tonsillitis

by Sanjay B

Two almond shaped glands situated at either side of the narrow passage where the mouth joins the throat are known as tonisls. Although until recently they were believed to be useless, their importance against guarding infection is now an established fact. The inflammation of these glands is known as tonsilitis, which develops all of a sudden with accompanying pain in swallowing and sensation of chilliness. The fever shoots rather high and either one or both the tonsils become enlarged, emitting a grey material, which is a purulent discharge from the tonsils themselves. Tonsilitis is generally proceeded by coryza.

Natural Cures for tonsillitis

The best way to deal with tonsillitis, is to stop taking all solid food—only orange juice, lime juice and honey and water should be given to the patient. An enema should be taken daily so that all the waste matter is expelled from the body. No food which gives acidic effect should be given. A bath in lukewarm water or better still having cold and hot baths alternatively helps. Saline hot water gargles brings immediate relief. Chest and throat packs should also be resorted to. Massaging the neck and the backbone can help reduce the virulence of the attack. The patient should be kept on all-fruit diet even after the cure for a few days.

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