Natural weight loss remedies and cures

Natural weight loss remedies and cures

by Sanjay B

Get Lighter – Turn to Nature.

Proper balance in five great elements in the body is necessary to maintain good health.

Naturopathy attributes Obesity to the imbalance of five principal Elements of Life. It is due to the increase in Earth, retention of Water, reduction in Air, latency of Sun & loss of Space. Rebalancing of the five changes your shape & protects you from diseases.

The imbalance is created by the modern chemically treated tasty foods, cold drinks, lethargic & comfortable living, excessively disturbing the room temperature for comfort & so on. This God-made adaptogenic machine gets accustomed to all this & keeps on storing even the unwanted things; causing obesity in the form of concentrated residual deposits till a limit & then it starts raising alarms for medical aids. The process takes years & can’t be reversed in days.

Before you start any weight loss schedule, you must try to get answers to some very simple questions.

(A) What will happen to the fats in the process of Lipolysis? After all it is not going to be surgically extracted.

(B) Will they just vanish in space?

(C) If not, from which excretory organ will they come out?

You have mainly four of them in men & five in women. Lying comfortably in an air-conditioned parlor means no sweating, no stress on breathing & nothing related to stools. Only one system – the Urinary is left behind. No excretory system throws out the fats as such. So will this comfortable weight loss schedule not damage your kidneys sooner or later? And if you are put on high Protein diet whose end products are again mainly excreted by kidneys, will this not cause further damage to urinary system? Or is it just possible with no restrictions on diet? How much time will it take to lose 10 kg? Will you regain after stopping the therapy? (Which is sure to be). Are you being put on any medicines, which may give side effects during or after the treatment (the diuretics or the purgatives)?

Just try to understand the tracks Nature has made for you & you come out with a slim, strong & a disease free body.

Every step suggested here has its own value & should be given equal importance. Nature divides the day in three phases. From 4 AM to 12 Noon is the Excretory phase. Secretions in eyes & mouth, bad breath, belly full of concentrated urine & stools & you are not fresh till they are thrown out. Help Nature; break the fast with plenty of water to clear them & select a diet which may further help. Vegetable soup, vegetable juices, salads of vegetables of high water content & even sprouts, fruits & their juices help a lot to do so. From 12 Noon starts the phase of filling in body with nutrition. The lunch may be of Chapattis with pulses, vegetables but the salad is a must. Salads may be of fruits even. In the evening, the fruits can be taken, preferably with skin & seeds (whose skin & seeds are eatable). The juices should be avoided. The dinner must be of fibrous vegetables & salads & chapattis with bran. The soft things lacking in roughage like potatoes, rice, fine wheat floor, Arbi (Colocasia), pulses without skin, cheese, curd etc. should not be taken as they cause constipation. After 8 PM starts the Assimilation phase when nutrients are absorbed & wastes are pushed to be excreted in the morning. The increased size of the abdomen is either due to junk foods lacking in nutrients or due to foods which & are not properly excreted. Help it out with plenty of roughage.

The excess of salt retains water in the body and causes weight gain. So reduce it to the minimum. Stop taking pickles, papads, namkeens and even sodas. Even salads, juices and fruits should also be taken without salt.

The excess of sugar, which is not burnt by the body due to less physical activity is also stored as reserved energy in the form of fats in body tissues. So don’t take cold drinks, ice-creams, preserved jams & jellies, which are chemically contaminated also.

The high starchy food also plays the same role. So avoid white sugar and prefer jaggery or honey which are not harmful due to their natural compounding with vitamins & minerals.

The saturated fats or the fats which melts only on heating again give a boost to weight gain. Prefer vegetable oils only. A 50-50 of mustard and sunflower oil seems good for body. Even if you totally stop taking fats it won’t let you weak because the pulses and cereals contain enough of hidden fats to meet your daily needs & these fats are easily digestible also.

Sun : Sun is the energy “Agni”, heat which is responsible for functioning of body. It is in all fruits, vegetables & seeds. The higher their time in the sun, the richer they are in energy level. Its excess storage in body gives weight gam & you don’t loose weight until you use this stored energy. The heat is liberated when you work hard. A brisk walk of more than 20 minutes a day starts the process. You may take the tips from a specialist about yourself. The best thing is not to strain yourself. Do up to your comfort and slowly increase time as our Yogis suggest. Even an increase in speed of your daily routine physical works will help a lot.

Water : Now you need water to absorb the heat thus generated. Take 2 glasses of water of normal temperature before & after the workout. It also carries away the end products of broken fats towards excretory organs. Mind it that only water soluble compounds can be excreted from the body & not the fats as such. Rubbing a towel dipped in cold water further opens up the sweat pores & absorbs the heat after exercise. The water itself is Lipolytic & helps to lose weight.

Air : Very few of us take heed of air though the 1 st lesson of science is that we inhale oxygen & exhale carbon dioxide. This carbon molecule is the same which is left after the combustion of Carbohydrates or stored fats. The expiration also throws out the heat produced.

The obese people are always shallow breathers. They should learn proper breathing from expert Yogi along with forced Inspiratory & Expiratory exercises to rid of Carbon. It must be a part of weight loss schedule.

Space : It is the vacuum element of Nature. It is recently scientifically proven that cutting on a part of food improves your health. But its gravity had already been understood by our Rishis & Yogis thousands of years ago. In fact the advice is for Fasting which should be under some specialist’s guidance & seems to be tough. The easier way is to cut down a small percentage on food so that the stomach & intestines get enough space to work on it. Also spacing between the two meals is very important. Don’t keep on munching in between.

Now if you try to make a balance of the Five elements, some of the excretory organs are automatically treated. While rich fibrous diet cleans your intestines, the breathing makes you free from carbon, the excessive urination & perspiration is more related to water.

The skin has again a major role to clear away the toxins. Simply activate it by rubbing the whole body with dry towel from soles to scalp for about 20 mts. Then adopt any convenient procedure like Hot Foot Bath & Steam Bath to sweat out. Sun Bath with wrapping the blankets over the body & keeping the head cool with.cold wet towel & lie in the Sun for 10 to 15 mts. to sweat out.

Usually the persons with loose tissues (fluffy ones) who take more of salts respond very quickly to cold baths & the persons looking fatty rather than fluffy (eating more of fats) lose weight with hot treatments.

Though for the treatment of weight gain in diseases like Hypothyroidism & Cushing’s syndrome, the principals of Naturopathy remain the same, yet such patients should consult their family physicians also.

It is tried here to be very brief but if you work on these suggestions, you can lose around 3 to 5 Kgs of weight in a month along with a 3 to 5 years younger feeling.

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