Spinach juice benefits for the human body

Spinach juice benefits for the human body

by Sanjay B

From where does Popeye the sailor derive all his power to fight the mammoth Bluto?  Ask any child and pat comes the reply. It’s none other than spinach that gives the lean sailor such immense muscle. Spinach is one of the natural foods that are rich in nutrients and hence spinach juice benefits are many. Spinach is a broad green leafy vegetable that is rich in vitamins A, B complex, C, E, K and minerals like manganese, calcium, iodine, magnesium, sodium, potassium and phosphorous.

Benefits of spinach juice

The nutrient filled vegetable is also said to be alkaline making the regulation of the body pH easier. Spinach can also be cooked and also be consumed in the form of juice. However when there is not much time for cooking the spinach, juice makes a better option and also spinach juice benefits the whole of the human system by fighting many disorders.

Major Spinach juice benefits

  • Spinach juice benefits for the skin: It significantly helps in the elimination of the harmful toxins from the body and hence keeping the skin ever rejuvenated. It can also help in healing prevalent skin disorders like acne and pimples.
  • Another mentionable spinach juice benefit is the prevention of hair loss. Apart from preventing hair loss, spinach juice benefits by promoting hair growth too.
  • The maintenance of the alkalinity of the blood is the next spinach juice benefit that helps in fighting acidosis.
  • A combination of spinach juice and carrot juice hugely aids in stopping bleeding gums.
  • The chlorophyll and carotene in the spinach juice benefits those who have breast, prostate, skin cervical and stomach cancers. It also prevents cancer as there are a number of flavonoid compounds present.
  • As iron is one of the prominent nutrients available in spinach, it helps in fighting and curing anemia.
  • The presence of vitamins in spinach juice benefits by strengthening the immune system, healing of wounds and in a good oral and skin health.
  • The risk of developing atherosclerosis is lowered by consuming spinach juice regularly.
  • The fiber content in spinach juice benefits the digestive tract by removing all the accumulated waste materials thereby preventing constipation, digestion troubles and stomach ulcers.

Though there are so many spinach juice benefits, there are a few warnings that you must know before getting into the habit of consuming spinach juice regularly. The absorption of calcium and iron in the body becomes difficult with the presence of oxalic acid in spinach so make sure you don’t consume spinach without cooking or processing. The people suffering from hepatitis, rheumatism and intestinal inflammation must also avoid spinach juice.


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