How to Prevent Sickness

How to Prevent Sickness

by Sanjay B

When it comes to eating right and exercising, there is no “I will start tomorrow”. Tomorrow is disease. The more you keep postponing getting into a good health regimen; you are inviting sickness to be a permanent resident in your body.

Investigations have proven beyond an iota of doubt that healthy folks follow an effective preventive regimen with consistency and conviction. By strictly following a daily routine, you can greatly lower risks of coming down with the inevitable cold, ‘flu or other minor ailments that can be extremely annoying and extremely debilitating.

Be very prudent about incorporating health tips and advice from all and sundry, and do take care to seek expert advice. What works best for your friend might not be the best remedy or solution for your ailment. People advocate turning to vegetarianism to prevent sickness and be on the path of a wellness strategy. While this might work for a few, there might be an equally larger population out there, who might be feeling absolutely devastated due to restricting to just plant based food. Trying to incorporate an animal protein free diet in all and sundry can cause harm in many who are bio chemically and genetically determined to thrive on a lot of animal fats and proteins. For instance, eggs are great for health but consuming pasteurized eggs will greatly nullify many of the health benefits.

Here are a few health factors to help you to keep fit and prevent minor ailments and sickness.

  • Chew on a clove of garlic when ever you feel you are coming down with a mild cold or ‘flu.
  • Try to eat less each day as a lower calorie intake helps to slow down aging, reduces age related chronic diseases and  extends life span. Most importantly, what makes calorie restriction beneficial is not simply cutting down on intake of food, but in the lowering of insulin levels.
  • Intake of vitamin C helps greatly in preventing sickness, especially colds and’ flu. Taking supplemental Vitamin C daily helps prevent most viral infections, but taking more of one nutrient will deplete the existing deficient levels and can contribute to worsening of problems related to that nutrient’s metabolism.
  • Do not take too high doses of Vitamin C on a daily basis since it can drastically lower your level of copper. If you happen to be deficient in copper, taking high doses of Vitamin C can compromise your immune system.
  • Make it a practice to eat a diet full of high quality organic vegetables and eliminate sugar and processed foods. This way, you ensure that your body gets all necessary accessory nutrients and micro nutrients needed to optimize on good health and prevent sickness.
  • Optimize on your vitamin D intake. In case you are deficient in this “sunshine” vitamin, your immune system will not do a good job of preventing sickness. Vitamin D produces several anti microbial peptides and the most important of these is cathelicidin, a naturally forming broad spectrum antibiotic. A lot of research has revealed that there is an inverse association between lower respiratory tract infections and Vitamin D levels. The higher your Vitamin D levels, the lower the risk of contracting colds and ‘flu’s.

Most importantly, decrease your risk of cancer and lower your risk of diabetes, heart disease, depression, hypertension and the Alzheimer’s disease by optimizing on your Vitamin D levels.

Stepping up intake of sugar and grains will increase insulin levels and accelerate premature aging. Leptin is a hormone associated with disease and the aging process. If your leptin levels are elevated, your body develops a resistance to this heavy weight hormone and that can wreak massive havoc in your body. Resort to consuming wholesome natural foods to optimize on your insulin and leptin levels and increase your chances of living a healthier and sickness free life.

Exercise regularly and this prevents the likelihood of your acquiring an upper respiratory infection. If you have an active body, chances of contracting infection falls by fifty percent. Each round of exercise leads to a boost in circulating immune system cells that can help to prevent sickness. This further helps to neutralize pathogens in your body. The more they circulate, the more efficient will be your immune system at locating and preventing sickness. Your peak fitness regimen should include a combination of aerobics, strength training, core exercises and stretching.

Consume as many foods as possible in their unprocessed state, typically organic, biodynamic foods that are grown locally and are therefore easily available in each season. As much as possible, include raw eggs, and organic naturally raised meats in your diet.

Learn to cope with stress. It has been scientifically proven that patients with chronic illnesses have had history of previous emotional stress, stemming right from childhood and which has contributed greatly to their illness. Even normal every day emotional experiences can detrimentally impact your health. Find ways to manage stress effectively and do not react to circumstances beyond your control. Make sure that you get high quality sleep of eight hours daily and avoid being exposed to environmental toxins.

The best way to prevent sickness and to stay healthy is to start thinking your way to good health. If you endeavor to believe that you are healthy, then you will end up being so. Believe and focus your mind on staying healthy. Simple strategies and techniques can go a long way in preventing sickness. Millions are spent each year on varied health schemes by most of us. But most often we fail to realize that health care can be pretty cheap and just within your grasp. All that you need to do is to make some life style changes.

  • Exercise daily to boost your immune system and reduce stress
  • It’s vital to keep your teeth clean. Diabetes and heart disease have been linked to gum and bone disease. Even heart attacks are being alluded to bad oral hygiene
  • Get into the sun. Sunshine is great for your mood and allows your body to produce Vitamin D
  • Resort to drinking less, since having more than a couple of drinks per day can put you at a higher risk for liver damage and diabetes
  • Wash your hands often which are the best prevention against diseases of any sort
  • Get adequate rest. Lack of sleep can contribute to high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and cancer. It can also lead to auto accidents and on-the -job injuries
  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid stress. Meditate daily to alleviate stress. Acute stress can cause deterioration right from your gums to heart and can make you more susceptible to a range of ailments
  • Eat well, mostly home cooked food and a lot of raw vegetables

Contemplate on what truly matters to you in your life and commit to doing all you can to support and nurture your way to good health. Make water your favorite beverage. Drink adequate water to not only stay healthy but also to flush out unwanted toxins from your body. Each day, start afresh with a resolution to commit yourself to care and nurture your body. A healthy body houses a healthy mind. Be committed to leading a healthy stress free life and watch your life progress from just ‘existing’ to truly “living” in all arenas of life.

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