How to boost your metabolism naturally

How to boost your metabolism naturally

by Sanjay B


There are plenty of methods by which you can give your metabolism a much needed boost and that too without resorting to using dangerous drugs and other products.

Most importantly and most often overlooked, is the first meal of the day, the breakfast. Make it a regular habit to never ever skip breakfast. Refrain from using highly refined grains and sugar based products. Take fresh fruit juices in plenty. Make sure to always include a protein source in your breakfast.

It’s always best to have small balanced meals every two to three hours. Drink eight to ten glasses of water per day. This helps your body to function smoothly. The importance of working out daily cannot be over stressed. Plan out three to five work out sessions per week and keep the duration at twenty to fifty minutes per session. The more you exercise, the greater is the boost to your metabolism.

When you choose a protein source for your breakfast, opt for supplements with soy protein or soy based products. Soy protein efficiently affects the body’s fat burning thyroid hormones.

Incorporate fats such as the flax seed oil, olive oils, and fish oils into your diet that are friendly to your body. It’s wake up alert for you to take care of your body and boost your metabolism in the mornings and to avoid feeling less vibrant and perky. Not to worry. Our body has amazing restorative properties and when you give proper food, and exercise, it reverts back with greater vigor and vibrancy.

If you face difficulties in losing weight, you are one of the presumably unlucky ones with slow metabolic rates. The trick lies in being able to maintain a balance between caloric intake, good food choices and exercise.

As mentioned previously, start your day off with a light breakfast of protein shake or yogurt or slow cooking oat meal. Eat more protein, since more fat is burned and more weight is lost when you consume more of protein. Pastas, breads cookies and cakes cause over secretion of insulin in some people. Furthermore, when more of the wrong type of carbohydrates is consumed, excess insulin is secreted. Excess of insulin is equal to excess fat.

Stick to whole grain breads, fruits, vegetables and beans. Whole grains are one of the best things for weight loss and also aids in prevention of diabetes, colon cancer and constipation. Slowly, bid good bye to your morning coffee and opt for green tea. Catechin, the anti oxidants in green tea helps to increase burning of fat. Green tea also lowers blood sugars by inhibiting enzymes that permit the absorption of starches. Consume three to four cups of green tea per day.

The metabolism, simply stated is the rate at which the body uses the calories you consume. If you eat more calories than you burn, it causes your body to store fat and gain weight. The solution is to get your body to burn up those calories fast, speed up your metabolism and you would find yourself more energetic, able to think more clearly and also you would be able to sport a lean and trim physique.

Munch on a nutritious snack every two to three hours. With a constant supply of calories, it signals to the body that it does not require fat since food is in abundance. This snacking on nutritious small and balanced meals encourages weight loss too. You are supplying more fuel to the body and it in turn provides you with vibrant energy. Digestion is in fact one of the biggest calorie burning functions that the body performs.

Be on the move constantly. When you exercise or keep moving, endorphins, the feel good hormones are released. Also, the metabolism is stepped up. Try doing some weight bearing exercises a few times each week. Develop some muscles since the more muscles you have, the more calories you will be burning. If you refrain from using your muscles, the body tries to get rid of them. That’s the main reason why old fashioned starvation diets never work. They only aid in getting rid of the muscle cells in order to save calories. These old fashioned diets, in fact slow down metabolism.

If you do not like to push weights, try yoga. In fact, yoga is an ultimate exercise system that uses its own body’s natural weight resistance. Make it a practice to do meditation and Pranayam (breathing exercises) five times a week. Both meditation and breathing exercises calm your mind and help boost metabolism rate. The mind body connection has a greater impact on the body’s metabolism. Get rid of all the stress inducing panic that fills our minds each day and make quality time for conscious relaxation by meditating and practicing breathing exercises. When you calm your mind, you attain a state of bliss and peace and your body is able to return metabolism to its healthy function by boosting it up.

Hypothyroidism can slow down metabolism. To give it a boost, ensure having a proper breakfast, eat an early dinner and never starve. Starving can slow down metabolism. Take smaller meals at regular intervals, get enough aerobic exercise, do yoga and drink plenty of water.

If you feel that you are suffering from flagging energy levels, take vitamin B12 tablets regularly. The best foods to boost metabolism and help you to lose weight are fish, dark green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, blue berries and other fruits, whole grains and eight glasses of water. Sleep for eight hours each night. Studies reveal that women who sleep for less than six hours per night have greater chances of gaining weight. When you sleep, high levels of growth hormones are produced which acts directly on cells to increase metabolism. Moreover, lack of sleep can elevate blood cortisol levels and that triggers off hunger and risk of over eating.

Get over a sluggish metabolism through exercise and diet which will give you lasting benefits. You will lose weight naturally, gain muscle mass and you would always feel vibrantly energetic and great!

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