Nature and Health

Nature and Health

by Sanjay B

Decades back, great hearts used to sit and relax under the shade of Banyan tree and they could solve their problems as it provides a positive atmosphere of peace and contentment. People were close to nature, they were healthy and they analyzed the life deeper. But those practices have become rare in today’s busy life, crowded with the running vehicles all around. When we think of our self to be healthy even in this running age, the first thing what we require is peaceful environment.

Our body, as well as, the whole universe is made of the five great elements of nature. What all we see are either the modified form of that or the artificial ones. The five elements are Air, Water, Soil, Fire & Ether. All the miseries of the world including diseases are just the result of imbalance of these elements.

The best thing about this concept is that, we may not need any kind of treatment, if we follow the naturally disciplined life-style. There will not be any imbalance in the body. It reminds ‘Prevention is better than cure’ but the prevention must be natural, not the imposed one. Cleanse your body, remove the toxins from it and keep the elements of the body balanced and active. You can survive a quite long life happily. To follow this, we need to improve our food culture, consume proper and pure diet with sufficient amount of water, have good sleep and be close to nature in our routine life. For healing any kind of disorder in the body, the same five elements can be used.

If this fundamental and realistic, cost effective principle is available why do we rush to swallow tablets when we find our body sick? For quick relief!! Because we don’t devote time in our busy life. And the black face of this quick relief is that we need to spend more of our valuable time struggling with the diseases due to side effects of this quick relief.

Isn’t it always better to give sometime to our existence, the base of our life? Maintain your health with Sunlight, Water, Fresh Air, Earth and Ether and it gives amazing results. Once, we start realizing the Blissfulness of nature, we never keep wandering for temporary relief. Why not to learn to keep our body and mind healthy with simple yoga techniques like Asanas, Pranayamas and Meditation. Other than physical health, mental and spiritual health has no better option than Yoga with Meditation.

Cost effectiveness is the unique benefit of these practices. The only cost is awareness about your existence, your body and spirit. This brings health for all, without any harm or side effect.

All these natural applications are directly related to environment. If the environment is polluted, it would not be possible to have purity in the elements for wellness. So, we need not spare parks for fresh air but plantation at every possible level should be a part of life. Pollution of all kinds has to be prevented for distillation of the elements of nature.

Nature alone will be able to keep the whole universe balanced and human being healthy. Disturbances & difficulties appear only because we try to damage the existence of nature. Right from chattering of birds in the morning to silence of vacuum at night, nature has got a real music to govern life and take us to the path of divine. Being the best teacher, nature can maintain knowledge, spirituality, health and peace in this world.

Sit in the shade of nature, speak to mountains, play with water, feel the touch of wind and relax under the caring hands of the trees, you can find yourself! The divine in your soul!!

But to bring the same happiness to this world, let us save our nature and let it save the universe.

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