Naturopathy and yogic management of allergic disorders

Naturopathy and yogic management of allergic disorders

by Sanjay B

Allergy points towards a state of disturbed harmony which could be due to a wrong style of living, wrong ei habhi etc. and sont s a wrong understanding and thinking too.

The word, “allergy “is emanated from H two Greek words – allos which means “other” and ergon means “reaction” – resulting in immune malfunction. It was Dr. Clemens Pirguet, an Austrian pediatrician who used this term “allergy” first.

Normally, the patients themselves know to what they are allergic and what could be its consequences. Accordingly, they keep away from the same with a good intention not to put themselves in trouble.

In this article, readers will go through as to how Naturopathy deals with the allergic disorders. In a layman’s language, while “immunity” (resistance power) is the strong base so as to keep the body in balance to fight against the diseases, “sensitivity” to certain things becomes the reason for losing this balance i.e. the resistance power. This so called sensitivity is known as allergy. Person to person, immunity is not found alike. It is as same as the fact that in person to person, normal temperature of the body is little different, temperament is different, character, behavior etc. are different and also pathological investigations on the body requirements are definitely found different! Some people will become sensitive/hypersensitive, with a weak immunity, when they happen to be in contact with a particular substance or substances unlike other people in common. This is the answer to the frequently asked question by the patients as to why all are not suffering from allergic disorders. Further, they start getting the ill-effects derive from there. Any organ or part of the body can be affected by allergy. Sometimes it could be purely mental too! (I know a gentleman who does not wet his head most of the time while taking bath and when I asked for the reason, “if I do so, I may die” was his answer! In addition, his wife stated in a combined tone of seriousness and humour, “all the members of his family are like this!”)

The physical as well as mental exertion can cause allergy and its corollary of difficult breathing leading to Asthma and other respiratory problems. Allergy could be to due to eating of food with adulteration of chemicals etc. Even otherwise, some particular drugs, certain food items like ice cream, milk, eggs, and fish, tinned/canned foods with artificial additives, preservatives etc., vegetables viz. tomatoes and potatoes, strong perfumes, smell of smoking etc. and of course certain climatic conditions may create various tribulations like continuous cough and cold, sneezing, head ache, chest pain, stomach disorders, skin eruptions and various other problems. I know some people who are allergic to gold ornaments (if wore), sandalwood paste (if applied on the forehead) and agarbathi (if smelt)! Very strange – is n’t it? Allergy points towards a state of disturbed harmony which could be due to a wrong style of living, wrong eating habits etc. and sometimes a wrong understanding and thinking too. In short, reactions of allergy would occur within seconds when the patient comes in contact with the allergen. In the sense, the patients suffer from sneezing, coughing, watering in eyes, itching, difficulty in breaching etc. depending upon the allergy. As same as in a number of other ailments, allergy also will have the background of heredity, but not in everybody. In the case of heredity, the patients are to be more cautious and naturally it will take more time than others who have no such a background. Yes, commonly speaking, chronic diseases – whatever it may be – will take time despite of taking care in applying natural methods and natural medicines; there is no shortcut for the treatment – the problems are to be eliminated from the root.

While the recommended remedial action is to take care of the patients themselves by avoiding such a circumstance to the maximum extent, they also have to build up the immunity, in order to overcome such circumstances in future by seeking advice from a Naturopath. The vital force that is present in the body is not to be disturbed by action that is not suitable to the individual as far as possible.

As in the case of any other diseases, problems of allergy can lead to so many other problems and vice versa. Therefore, a complete check up becomes necessary – symptomatically and systematically, and also if required with help of pathological investigations. Mostly, the patient must have gone through all these, which could be understood, from the patient but still without success by the prescribed medication. There lies the essence of treatment by Nature Cure methods in order to save the patient from grip of the problems that exist as well as the ones that are expected later, if unattended.

First of all, stomach and bowel movements should be clear giving up the foods that constipate. Fresh leafy and green vegetables, fruits and fruit juices are always advisable not only to avoid constipation and the connected problems including that of falling into the stage of allergy to the circumstances as narrated above but also for a healthy living at all times building up the body stamina so as to fight with the ailments. Water intake should be sufficient avoiding more tea, coffee and smoking and also the other fundamentals of health should be maintained. Naturopaths put the patients in fasting followed by enema, on a diet of selected fruits and then on vegetables depending upon the nature and severity of the symptoms suffered by and observed in the patients.

In line with Naturopathy, the patients are given treatments by Mud Therapy, Hydro Therapy, Chromo Therapy and also Acupressure to the selected points of the body (and also palms and feet) in order to eradicate the allergens and to normalize the immunity. Moreover and most importantly, besides these drugless therapies, the patients are advised to keep away from the circumstance that makes them allergic and to take care of their eating habits including fresh fruits, green and leafy vegetables, raw vegetables, whole grain products, sprouted seeds etc. (with a view to ensure sufficient intake of vitamin C, E and alkaline contents that are essentially required as preventives) and at the same time avoiding too much of tea, coffee and non-vegetarian items (that may slower the process of cure).

Giving massage to both the palms and feet at least once in a day for about 5 – 10 minutes will be beneficial with a view to activate the inner organs in general; to maintain immune system of the body without falling into imbalance.

Some simple Yogic exercises – Tadasana, Simhasana, Sarvangasana, Shavasana etc. when performed regularly will help the allergic patients to overcome the situations. Moreover, Meditation and of course Pranayama – Anuloma – Viloma and Kapalabhati, in order to get enough oxygenated blood and also to throw out the toxins accumulated in the body, would definitely give the performer wonderful results. In other words, the suggested Yogic exercises, Meditation and Pranayama bring the body and mind back into balance and the thus acquired immunity prevents from becoming allergic and facing its consequences.

In a nutshell, one has to simply abide by the basic fundamentals of the Health Science trying to understand its importance for a healthy living and have to perform according to the Nature adopting the natural methods, particularly in line with the advice of your Nature Cure Physician for the existing problems including that of the allergic condition. Yes, there are no hard and fast rules here to be applied but just some simple and natural methods, which would save you from unnecessary medication and its aftereffects. Moreover, isn’t it worth if you can withdraw your usual telling of, “sorry, I am allergic to such and such” whenever and wherever you go and mingle with others?! And, of course, others, who had witnessed your unfortunate background, will appreciate you for getting changed the same with your patience and perseverance in the required manner.

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