Papaya health benefits

Papaya health benefits

by Sanjay B

Botanically called Carica Papaya, the fruit of papaya contains A, B, C Vitamins besides 89.6% water, 9.5% carbohydrates 5% proteins, 1% other extract, mineral salts 4%, calcium 0.1%, phosphorus 2%. Its pulp also has malic, tartaric and citric acid, resins, peper and sugar. The fruit is a rich source of vitamins. 100 gms. pulp has 30001. U. Vitamin A, 130 mg-vitaminC and 56 calories. The milk of ‘Papita tree’ is very rich in ‘Pepsin’-a digestive enzyme very useful as medicine. All other parts of Papita tree and fruit also have it.

Papaya’s curative properties and their effect on various illnesses and disorders

(i) Indigestion and allied stomach problems

Taking ripe papita in breakfast eliminates indigestion, flatulence, acidity and enhances appetite. Taking water in which powdered dried leaves are soaked overnight is also useful to set right your digestive disorders.

In case of diarrhoea taking boiled raw Papita cures chronic diarrhea.

(ii) Skin troubles

Applying fresh juice of raw Papita on the affected part cures the skin troubles like eczema, ring worm and itching,

(iii) Papaya as the beautifying agent

Applying pulp of ripe Papaya as semi-liquid lotion (ubtan) on the affected part at least half an hour before bath eliminates freckles and other blemishes of skin and imparts natural glow and lustre. Applying fresh juice of Papaya is also useful for getting rid of pimples. During the treatment also have at least 250 gms. of Papita everyday in the afternoon.

Massaging pulp of Papaya on the head 10 mts. before shampooing the hair eliminates dandruff.


Gargling with water in which little juice of Papita is mixed cures the trouble.

Lactating problem

Taking ripe Papita daily helps in getting sufficient milk for the child. During the treatment also eat vegetable cooked with raw Papaya,

Menstrual problems

Taking ripe Papaya daily regulates menses. Also, taking few seeds (powdered) of Papaya with water also helps cure the trouble,

High Blood Pressure

Taking ripe Papaya half an hour before breakfast controls the porblem of hypertension,

Infantile troubles

Taking 10 to 12 drops of raw Papaya controls enlargement of liver and spleen of children.

Swallowing ½ tsp ground, dried seeds of Papaya with water and little salt two times a day is also useful to check the liver and spleen troubles of children.

In the cases of jaundice taking 10-12 drops of raw Papaya juice on 1 batasha (little fluffy toffees made from sugar-candy) for 10 to 15 days helps in curing jaundice. Along with it have Papaya in the morning every day.

Constipatory Problems

In cases of stranguary, taking Papaya regularly eliminates all such problems in induces frequent urination.

Have Papaya in the afternoons to keep away from constipation and piles. In cases of fistula applying raw juice on the wound helps in healing.

Worms are also the end result of chronic constipation. In such cases taking 1 tsp. ground seeds of Papita with water for 3 to 4 days helps in clearing worms and also the constipatory tendency.


Papaya has Antifertility property. This property of papaya was investigated by feeding adult cycling and pregnant rats with different components of the papaya fruit. Results indicated that the unripe fruit interrupted the oestrus cycle and induced abortion. Decreasing of th this effect  happens as the fruit ripens; the surviving foetuses were without any distinct malformations.

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