Benefits of baking soda

Benefits of baking soda

by Sanjay B

Baking soda is, and continues to be the foremost item any kitchen should stock up on. Otherwise known as bicarbonate of soda, it takes care of a variety of issues, from foot odor to flatulence. It’s medicinal and health benefits stem from its natural antacid properties.

Baking soda is so handy that it can tackle any issue from age spots to sun burns or heat rashes. Make a paste of baking soda mixed with hydrogen peroxide in equal proportions. This helps to lighten age spots when applied as a pack on affected areas. Bitten or stung by an insect? Quickly apply a paste of baking soda and water to relieve pain and itching. Most of us suffer from foot and body odor. Here too the wonderful bicarbonate of soda steps in to solve the problem. A paste of baking soda and water helps relieve athlete’s foot.

If you have cramps, aches and pains in your feet from standing for long periods of time, try this foot soak of 150 grams of baking soda with equal quantities of Epsom salts. Your soreness would be greatly alleviated.

An oral rinse of baking soda several times a day or just before retiring to bed can protect you teeth from cavities and decay. For those of you harboring problems of indigestion and flatulence, a tablet or teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate with a few drops of lemon juice provides instantaneous relief.

Looking out for an eco friendly household cleaner? You have it right there on your kitchen shelf. Just mix four tablespoons of baking soda in a liter of water and your multi purpose cleaner is ready. Add a pinch of baking soda to your baby’s bath water and it gently soothes irritating nappy rashes.

What do you do when you find yourself with a sore throat and no medicine handy to relieve the agony? Just reach out for the baking soda in the kitchen, take a teaspoon of it and mix it in a glass of water, and make sure to gargle every four hours. You will find it extremely efficacious.

Baking soda, as many of us are aware, is a chemical leavening agent that causes the batter to rise. Apart from its importance and utility in the bakery, it has umpteen other uses too in the kitchen. If your beef or mutton is a little too raw, rub baking soda on it several hours beforehand. This will help to tenderize the meat. Wash your vegetables and other produce in water to which several tablespoons of baking soda has been added. This helps to neutralize the impurities.

Baking soda is a great cleanser too. Have your coffee pot and other kitchen appliances including your microwave oven looking squeaky clean and shining by cleansing them with a mix of baking soda and water. Scrub down with a sponge or brush.

Sodium bicarbonate or the wonderful baking soda is a great deodorizer too. Sprinkle some inside your dish washer and, in the refrigerator, to remove odors. Baking soda releases carbon dioxide when heated, and the latter is a good fire suppressant. So, to put out tiny kitchen fires, keep baking soda handy. When grease catches fire while cooking, or an electrical kitchen fire is sparked off, throw baking soda into the flames to extinguish it.

Use baking soda to keep your vegetable and meat cutting boards’ odor free and clean

The properties of sodium bicarbonate are so protective, buffering and neutralizing that it can be used liberally in cases of radiation exposure to protect kidneys and other tissues. Baking soda act like an efficient janitor helping to cleanse the mess and wash away the poisons and toxins. While used in cases of radiation, baking soda protects the tissues by leaving behind an alkaline trail to ensure everything stays perfectly safe. Baking soda is even administered intravenously to protect chemo therapy patients from its extreme toxicity.

Baking soda can effectively remove paint, oil, grease and smoke residue. It is little wonder then that baking soda is the most efficacious and economical way to clean oil stained clothing and can help save up on dry cleaning bills.

The use of sodium bicarbonate or baking soda is not only restricted to homes and kitchens. Studies reveal that baking soda can slow down the progression of disease in patients suffering from kidney failure as well. Kidney patients suffer from low bicarbonate levels, a condition termed as metabolic acidosis. Patients treated with a daily dose of sodium bicarbonate tablets were found less likely to develop end stage renal disease requiring dialysis.

In the early twentieth century, baking soda was even prescribed to cure ‘flu’s and colds. Even though this practice faded into obscurity over time, now the same bicarbonate of soda is used to cure the killer disease cancer. Baking soda has high Ph value and this property helps to oxygenate fungi and tumors. It has been proved that cancer cells cannot flourish and thrive on high Ph or high oxygen levels.

Baking soda has several mundane uses, from acting as an air purifier inside refrigerators to deodorizing carpets and other material. Mix it with vinegar and you get an excellent household cleaner. Unclog drains by using baking soda and vinegar. It is much safer than using ones that emanate toxic fumes while cleaning drains.

For those of you suffering from thinning hair and dandruff problems, here’s a word of advice. Stop using over the counter shampoos that are so loaded with chemicals .They only help to trigger dandruff and sebum discharge. Use baking soda solution to wash your hair and feel the difference .You will have no dandruff or sticky deposits in your hair and you would find yourself as clean as a whistle.

Use baking soda to even clean your teeth, to brighten it. Baking soda has innumerable benefits and uses and it is an absolute must-have in all households. Stock up on baking soda and this is one product that will never let you down. Use it for baking, cleaning, deodorizing your home and for general and oral hygiene. It’s a multi purpose chemical that is definitely a magical and all-purpose product and a great friend to any home maker.

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