Drinking juice for health benefits

Drinking juice for health benefits

by Sanjay B

Raw vegetable juices and fruit juices are now scientifically proven that have no equal as far as human diet is concerned. Proper or balanced diet is the greatest single factor in the maintenance of health. It is not the food in your life that counts but the life in your food that is of primary importance and it really counts. A safe rule to have vital and nutritive food is the juice of fruits and vegetables m their fresh form.

One must be very clean while preparing the juices. Juices are great healers only when the cleanliness is maintained in handling, selecting and crushing of fruits and vegetables. The good fruits and vegetables not spoiled, discoloured or rotten must be washed in cold water first and second time with warm water to remove the remains of insecticides. Proper cleaning of the juice used in the preparation of the juices must be properly sterilized. Finally juices must be prepared in a clean and tidy place.

Juices are often digested and assimilated within fifteen to twenty minutes after we drink it and it helps in the nourishment and regeneration of cells and juices are cleaners of the body. The vegetable juices mostly contain proteins while the juices of fruits contain carbohydrates.

Let us deal with some individual juices now:

Carrot juice

One pint of carrot juice has more constructive value of human body than 25 pounds of calcium tablets. Some believe that drinking of carrot juice for many days turns the skin yellow but this is not true. Carrot juice is very good for the eyes. Read indepth information on  miracles of carrot juice.

Cabbage juice

One hundred and twenty pounds of cooked or canned cabbages cannot furnish the same vital organic food value that is assimilated from drinking half pint of straight raw fresh Juice of cabbage. It cures duodenal ulcers, helps in removing constipation and gas. It has cleaning capacity and reduces excess weight.

Beetroot juice

It helps to build up red blood corpuscles. It has 5% sodium and about 8% calcium. It tones up blood, cleans liver and is useful in menstrual disorders.

Potato juice

It is easily digestible sugar which upon cooking changes into starch. The juice of raw potato clears skin blemishes.

Tomato juice

Fresh, raw but ripe tomato juice is most effective and beneficial. It has an alkaline reaction when digested and care is to be taken not to eat tomatoes with starches and sugar in our meals. Tomatoes are high in citric, malic and oxalic acids. All these acids are said to be beneficial in metabolic process. Tomatoes are rich in Vitamin A, B and C. lime is also found in them and it strengthens our bones and nerves in the body. Iron is also found in the tomatoes and is beneficial for women in pregnancy. They give strength to the large intestine, heal intestinal wounds, clean bowels and stop gas formation in the stomach. Tomatoes increase hunger, remove weakness, purify blood, improve vision, cures night blindness, removes sugar from urine and is beneficial in diabetes. Sodium, potassium, calcium, silicon and magnesium are found in tomatoes and these are good for nails and hair.

Health benefits of drinking juice

Garlic juice

Garlic juice is very effective for urinary, digestive and circulatory system. Garlic has enormous nutritional value, fights illness and improves over all health of the individual. Garlic contains high level of protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, thiamine and traces of iron, zinc, copper, calcium, tin, potassium, sulphur and selenium. The ether present in the garlic is so rich that it dissolves mucus in the sinus cavities in the bronchial tube and in the lungs. It’s juice helps in removal and exudation of poison from the body through the skin. It has proved very effective in removing and eliminating parasites from intestines and has good action on high cholesterol of the body.

Onion juice

Onion juice is good in diabetes as it decreases the blood sugar levels. Onion juice counteracts the detrimental clot promoting effects of eating fatty foods. 100 gms of onion juice completely reverses damaging effects of fats and has dissolving activity of blood clots.

Lemon juice

Alkaline action of lemon helps to digest food, keeps one in good health and alert. It is helpful in avoiding gas formation in your stomach and helps to keep the stomach fit.

Nature has given many kinds of vegetables and fruits so that human beings and make use of them in a useful way to heal various ailments and live a healthy life free from diseases. Juice therapy can be made useful to the needy in the naturopathy line of treatment.

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