Phytochemicals in nature cure treatment

Phytochemicals in nature cure treatment

by Sanjay B

Role of Phyto chemicals in nature cure treatment

There are many plants containing salicylic acid viz. horse-tail, Dandelion, yarrow, agrimony, stinging nettle etc. Few of these can also be used as common vegetables because they have plant origin. Horse-tail or dandelion are directly used in consumable food articles such soups and salads. Thus the naturopathic medicine is food according to the teachings of Hippocrates.

Naturopathy is a vast branch of scientifically preventing and curing processes for many acute and all chronic diseases. There are about thirty or more number of known treatment procedures in Naturopathy and each of them is with number of sub-branches, (i) Hydrotherapy (ii) Heliotherapy (iii) Mud and clay therapy (iv) Acupressure (v) Yoga and breathing exercises (vi) Mudra and Bandha (vii) Low and feeble vibration Techniques (viii) Fruit juice therapy (ix) Vegetable juice therapy (x) Fasting therapy etc. Domestic practicing of many of these therapies is infeasible for common man. Its domestic practice is difficult due to many restrictions of infra-structure of either housing or municipal supply, viz. practicing hydro-therapy at house may require enough bath-room and water supply, mud and clay therapy may require uncontaminated clay which is difficult not only in urban but also for rural areas. Acupressure or Tsubo therapy may require expertise skill. Alexander Therapy or spondylotherapy requires complete knowledge of human physiology and endocrine system for spinal manipulations. Kinesiology, vibration therapy or negative ion therapy and thermo-couples in the body demand handling of delicate and precise equipments. Thorough knowledge of bio-sonochemistry is required for emerging branches in naturopathy. Obviously many of the therapies can be administered only in “Naturopathic hospitals” where equipments, instruments, infrastructure, facilities and precision handlers are available. Hence all such means are out of question for a common man who either cannot afford hospitalization or afford such equipments or appliances for home treatment.

However few therapies are broad-spectrum and still easily accessible for a common man and they work miracles in curing. (1) Sun-bath from heliotherapy can be administered to common man residing in an equatorial regions. (2) Simple walking or brisk walking exercise, breathing exercise and pranayama and limb-movement exercise can be administered to any person who is physically fit to do so. Moreover it does not require much formal knowledge. (3) Also Diet therapy with its branches can be administered to even an illiterate because he/she is familiar with food habits of edible food items from birth. The only requirement of Naturopathy is slight change of life style and food habits.

Phytos and fundamentals of naturoapthy

Really, the fundamental principle of allopathy as per the words of the father of Allopathy: Hippocrates is, “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food” but this principle is altogether flouted by the disciples of Hippocrates, because hundreds and thousands of allopathic drugs have their origins in benzene, toluene, phenol, xylene, naphtha, nitrobenzene which are all carcinogens and derived from coal-tar (known carcinogen). Moreover few more drugs are derived from petroleum and kerosene.

However the fundamental principle of Hippocrates does not differ much from the phyto-Naturopathic principles which is the branch of Naturopathy. This phyto-principle promotes the food such as (1) Easily digestible. (2) Non-toxic to body and its organs and it should not be toxic in any form. (3) Automatically curing for common ailments and diseases and also curing for acute and chronic maladies (4) It should raise an immunity of the subject with incremental trends and also to the highest point.

o Naturopathy has many branches concerning phytos viz. (1) Phyto-hormones (2) Phyto-chemicals useful to mankind (3) Bio-flavonoids (4) Saponins (5) Volatile oils etc. Each of these occurs in fruit juices, raw vegetable juices. Therefore juice therapy works more practically, rapidly and precisely in Naturopathy.

o Although Allopathy tries to mimic nature by its synthetic, polymerized, unnatural or refining processes, it adds hazardous side-effects and coal tar derived drugs or petroleum derived drugs leading to drug dependency and eventually loss of immunity. Tartaric acid present in the country pear (Nashpati: Pyrus pyrifolia) can not be mimicked by factory processes. Nature has (2R,3R)-stereoisomer which is called (+)-tartaric acid whereas factory made tartaric acid is (2R,3S)-tartaric acid which is really meso-tartaric acid and is not identical copy of natural source of tartaric acid. Moreover it is called racemate or racemic mixture. Thus if the patient suffering from bloody sputum is administered juice of nashpati then he may be relieved from the ailment but if he is administered factory made tartaric acid then relief may not be sought. Factory made tartaric acid is not effective because it is racemic mixture with ‘S’ component in it. Moreover such unwanted components may be harmful to human health. There are numerous example of such blunders of allopathy viz. tragedy of man made teratogenic medicine thalidomide which caused 7,000 severe deformities among infants in 28 countries. Acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin) causes gastrointestinal irritation leading to ulcers and bleeding in some individuals because it is not identical copy of Acetylsalicylic acid derived from the plants such as white willow, meadowsweat or wintergreen. Moreover factory made Acetylsalicylic acid has its origin in the petroleum product(refer Hercule-Cumene process of preparation of Acetylsalicylic acid from 92-octane aviation fuel and also from phenol by Colbe-reaction.)

There are many plants containing salicylic acid viz. horse-tail, dandelion, yarrow, agrimony, stinging nettle etc. Few of these can also be used as common vegetables because they have plant origin. Horse-tail or dandelion are directly used in consumable food articles such as soups and salads. Thus the naturopathic medicine is food according to the teachings of Hippocrates.

Plants such as marigold, pansy or willow have salicylic acid in them and few of them can directly be used for ailments. How one can replace these natural medicines by synthetic and factory made products?

* Acetylsalicylic acid used in the brands such as aspro, anacin, aspirins etc. is manufactured from 92-octane aviation fuel ie. white kerosene. There is one more path way for this synthetic product viz. phenol is prepared from benzene which is also an output of petroleum product. How can one believe in factory goods which are manufactured from non-consumable, carcinogenic origins? Is it not against the principles, practicing and preaching of father of medicine: Hippocrates?

It is strange that even after knowing and taking oath by teaching of Hippocrates, allopathy administers saccharin made from coal-tar, aspro, anacin made from petroleum products and cough syrups made from tarry ingredients! (Refer Chemistry for Engineers and Scientists by Fine and Beall p. 892)Our food, drinks and eatables are spoiled by saccharine salts. Saccharine is added in soft-drinks, cold-drinks and it is also used in biscuits, lemonades and calorie-free diets. How can a mankind expect to maintain its health by such tar, coal-tar and phenol products?

Modern view of naturopathy: juice therapy

Naturopaths should emphasize the natural and organically grown food items to mankind. It is even difficult to mimic nature in case of bio-flavonoids. Let us consider example of vanilla. The natural flavour vanilla and factory made vanillin structure may look alike but they are not identical. It can be checked and confirmed by SIRA(Stable Isotope Ratio Analysis) techniques that the carbon sites do not possess the same ratio as per the natural product vanilla. These synthetic products can not cheat human stomach or organs! Our body with its best equipped enzymatic tests can detect the difference between natural and synthetic products. It straight rejects and excretes all such synthetic products. Moreover while detoxifying these marketed junkies through liver and excreting through kidneys, the organs are spoiled, swelled and damaged to the marked extent.

o L-methionine-methy1 sulphonium salt(or vitamin U) of a vegetable cabbage can very easily cure gastric and intestinal ulcers. It can also restore original shape of the internal digestive organs by reducing its swelling. These invivo processes of phyto-chemicals cannot be confirmed in laboratory because phyto-chemicals and vegetable juices of naturally grown items combine invivo with amylases which is not possible invitro.

Bioflavonic food in naturopathy

Natural bio-flavonoid (Vitamin P) which are anti-oxidants must be included in the diet. These natural anti-oxidants either alter cancer at its inception by blocking the enzyme that activates cancer genes to stop carcinogens from damaging cells, tissues and organs. They also help the body processes to produce enzyme that destroy carcinogens. They can also suppress the spread of cancer by interfering with the production of cells that have been exposed to cancer risk. Thus apple’s skin is a good example of such remedy which can ward off cancer through a unique mix of flavonoids and polyphenols. Apple checks proliferation of most of the liver cells and colon cancer cells.

Oranges, lemon, lime, grapefruit and baobab-fruit (Adansonia digitata) are good sources of phyto-chemicals known as flavonoids which are also effective against cancer. Many of the berries, cherries, currants, whortle etc. are rich sources of flavonoids and phenolics. Blueberries is the best known antioxidant fruit. Its juice should be administered to the patient requiring antioxidants.

Phytos and blood PH

Saponin is another useful factor of phyto-classes. It works directly on blood pH level and restores it to a value nearer to 7.4 which is desired for healthy body buffer system.

“Microbes is nothing but soil is everything” is the statement proclaimed by Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) and it is one more premise of Naturopathy. He realized the fact that soiled-blood affects the pH level of the blood. Due to extreme acidic conditions, it lowers to 7.4 and the blood is made more and more acidic (called as acidosis initially and toxemia at later stages, in Naturopathy). It flourishes blood environment for microbes and microbes may grow to enormous extent. Releasing of H+ in the blood spoils blood environment.

Bronsted-Lowry Theory applied to naturopathy

Concepts of acids in the eatables should be understood properly. As per the Bronsted-Lowry theory of acids and bases, there can be basicity of an acid. Examples of these weak types of acids are ascorbic, folic, malic, malonic, oxalic etc. It is the maximum number of H+ ions which one molecule of an acid can donate. Thus according to this theory (1) Strong acids are those which dissociate H+ ions in a larger quantities whereas (2) basic acids are those which dissociate H+ ions with very difficulty.

To know and apply Bronsted-Lowry theory of acids and bases to human physiology, one should know elementary definition of chemical equations in precision and in context to human physiology.

Though we write chemical equations as per the book style, such as:-

NaOH + HCL = NaCl + H2O

This equation may be OK for profit oriented-refineries, industries, factories and company owners but it is not exact for human stomach.

Equation is not precise. It is misleading from the point of view of human physiology and phyto-chemical reactions. According to fundamental principle of chemistry none of the chemical reaction is perfect. Precision equilibrium is impossible. How can one make out that neutralization is complete? Precision instrument can measure reaction’s perfectness up to 10-6 (Micro) or further up to 10-9 (Nano) or HPLC etc may count to 10-12 (Pico) etc. but Avogadro number itself is with index 1 0+23 for one gram molecular weight of a compound! (Thus the precision of 10-23 can’t be encompassed by ultra modern science) Ordinarily this completion of chemical reaction is measured in laboratory by change of colour indicator. Logically to change a colour of an indicator in visible region, one of the reactant has to go in excess. Therefore correct equation for physiological applications would be

NaOH + HC1 NaCl + H2O + either traces of NaOH or HCL which ever is in excess as per the indicator used in the reaction + Calories in heat form, due to exothermic reaction.

Note in the stomach HCL when comes in contact with traces of caustic treated substances (refined oils, vegetable fats, hydrogenated fats, partially hydrogenated fats and oils, commercial fats, margarine, sandwich spreads, biscuit creams made up of vegetable fats, cake-creams made up of vegetable fats, market ice-creams mixed with 30% vegetable fats, allopathic caustic washed medicines, etc.) may cause local heat and ulcers at certain sites.


It should be remembered very well that while either refining or hydrogenation of natural oil, these bleaching, deodounzation processes use NaOH (Caustic soda) and also acidification processes use acids such as HCL. It is bound to remain traces of caustic soda or acid at ppm or ppb levels because number of allopathic medicines are washed by caustic soda at their intermediate stages or final stages. This quantity of irritants is enough to irritate intestinal mucosa or protective mucous of internal linings of an organ and it is the cause of asthma. Refined sugar has the chemical formaldehyde in it due to De Smet process of refining. It is known fact that formaldehyde is mucous irritant at ppm or ppb level and it is known carcinogen in animals. Mixing of formaldehyde in sugar refining and its traces in the final product is one more cause to induce asthma attacks. Irritant formaldehyde traces with caustic soda traces is one more cause to induce asthmatic attacks.

Fresh fruit juice remedy

Instead of above factory made goodies if fruit acids are derived from fresh fruits and naturally and organically grown environment then they work miraculous cures. Such fruits or fruit juices work in the following way:-

  • Chelating actions
  • Nourishing actions due to vitamins, minerals, trace elements.
  • Hormonal actions
  • Enzymatic actions
  • Natural steroidal saponins
  • Number of natural fruits and vegetables with insulin in them.

There is one more class ie. fruit juices of raw and fresh vegetables. It also works on the body due to above six principles in them. While discussing about vegetables one has to consider entire plant with its all parts such as roots, tubers, bulbs, leaves, fruits, berries, stems, arils, bark, buds, pistils, lernels, rhizomes, exudation, seeds, embryo, urabels and cocks.

Hemoglobin deficiency can be very easily overcome by cocks of banana stems. Red jaswand flower (Hibiscus rosa-smensis) juice in appropriate quantity can be advised to administer to the patients with complaints of amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea or lucorrhea.

Enzyme : pectin of an apple directly works on body toxins. It dissolves toxins and poisons from the intestine. Malic acid of an apple cures internal inflammation in case of ‘-itis’ forming diseases of stomach such as gastr-itis, enter-itis, colitis, hepat-itis, stomat-itis, pancreat-itis etc. It has number of other virtues too!

Many citrus fruits are chelating agents and they chelate metal toxins. Citrus juices such as lemon juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, grapefruit juice or baobab (Adansoma digitata) juice directly attack body cholesterol and dissolve them. It searches for excess cholesterol in the body and puts end to the diseases caused by this excess cholesterol. It also searches cholesterol from their hide-outs in the body and melts it. It sends them out from the body through excretory organs.

A plant Ma-huang has a bronchodilator, but its enantiomer (-)-ephedrme is a (IS, 2R)-stereoisomer which is in allopathy, is a toxic substance with many side effects. It is the toxic enantiomer of (-)-ephedrine which does not occur in the natural products.

Phytos in fruits may be named as a single class, but they have distinct properties viz. carrots and papaya may resemble for vitamin purpose, but one has a-tocopherol (vitamm E) and another the pyndoxyne (vitamin B,)

Natural sugar cane has elementary sugars, calcium phosphate, gum, albumin, iron etc. but synthetic sugars are of the form:-

P,4,6-trichloro-1,4,6-tridioxy Galactosucrose etc. are simply a polymerized form of a sugar from non-organic origin. Many of these products are known as ecologically beneficial plastics. Synthetic sucrose is a mix of Acesulfame-K, Aspartame, calcium cyclamate and sodium saccharine which are all synthetic. Calorieless sugar aspartame (Available in the market with various names such as equal, zero, spoonful, etc.) has about 11 % methyl alcohol in it ( refer ).

Phytos of vegetable juices work on the ailments along with its vitamins, minerals and enzymes viz. carrot leaves, knol-khol leaves, beet leaves, cauliflower leaves etc. have a great stock(depot) of vitamins and minerals with chlorophyll and xanthophylls (derived from carotene).

Banana stem juice works miracles on the abdominal regions which is the basic toxined part in the body. It dissolves blood cholesterol too!

Ash-gourd juice is a wonderful remedy on consumptive diseases. About a litre of diluted juice on empty stomach works wonders in cases of digestive problems which is the root of many diseases. It may be taken in parts.

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