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Anulom Vilom pranayama benefits


Anulom-Vilom is a widely known Pranayama. Pranayama means expansion of Pran Shakti or vital force. There are many ways of doing pranayama but the basis of all kinds of pranayama is ‘Deep Breathing’. We breathe every moment of our lives, and yet we are hardly aware of it unless and until we are afflicted with some breathing disorder. Just close your eyes for a few minutes and concentrate your attention on your breathing – you will feel as if all the tension has vanished into thin air and you feel bliss.

When we do normal breathing, our breathing is limited to area between heart and throat only. Conversely, when we inhale deeply, our lungs become filled with air and our chest gets expanded, and when we exhale deeply our lungs and chest are contracted. How and why this happens? For this, it is essential to know the structure of our lungs.

Hypotension management through naturopathy


Blood plays an important role in physical health; Blood is circulated all over the body due to certain pressure of heart directly. The proper quantity and quality of blood is most important factor to maintain good health for long life. So blood pressure should be quite normal.

Renowned gerontologists of the world have come to the conclusion through their research that for longevity to be maintained, low blood pressure is better than high blood pressure or normal blood pressure. The man having low blood pressure is supposed to be in an inactive and peaceful condition. The death rate of low B.P. patients is less than that of hypertensive people. The patient suffering from low B.P is not at risk as compared to high B.P. The men in the age group between 60-70 years are found quite healthy having blood pressure 100/60 mm Hg or 90/55 mm Hg.

Hypothyroidism natural treatment


Hypothyroidism is the diseased condition caused by insufficient production of thyroid hormone by thyroid gland. Depending on the organ affected, hypothyroidism may be classified as – Primary (thyroid gland), Secondary (Pituitary gland) or Tertiary (Hypothalamus). The most common cause for/Hypothyroidism is iodine-deficiency, which is the result of metabolic disturbances mainly due to dietary deficiency, resulting from incorrect food habits. It can also be caused by drugs, especially by anti depressants.

Other natural ways to treat Asthma


Asthma creeps on to you silently and there are many who don’t take it seriously. When considered that there are over 23 million Americans and more than one third of those number children who suffer from Asthma, the scenario turns grim. Studies have indicated that the loss to the public exchequer as a direct result of losing work days is to the tune of $ 20 billion in the US.

Is milk good or bad for you


Some Facts about Milk

Traditionally milk has always been considered a complete and perfect food. However, despite its several benefits, many people have been reporting several reactions to taking milk such as

Cholesterol check – the Natural Way


Simply popping a pill to keep your cholesterol in control is like skimming the surface and avoiding a much deep rooted problem. Such a misinformed use of drugs not only impairs our body’s natural healing process but is also known to have harmful side effects by reducing the level of ‘Coenzyme Q10,’ leading to fatigue, tiredness and ultimately to a heart attack.

Teflon Toxicity in Non-Stick Cookware


It’s better known as Teflon to the housewife who works all day in the kitchen and finds its non-stick quality to be a blessing. Little does she know that she is in danger of being exposed to Teflon Toxicity and what she calls a blessing is a slow poison acting on her system every time she uses it. Like her, there are many others who do not know the facts of Teflon Toxicity and today, Teflon and the chemicals used to produce it have expanded into a $ 2 billion industry.

Fight Skin Infections naturally


Your body immunity is kind of firewall against the disease causing microorganism, found abundant everywhere you go. Ever wondered how that cold of yours get right after a while, a mild skin infection heals effectively and so on. This is possible by the immune responses and the degree of efficiency they have. In order to keep your body in shape it is important that you have a strong immunity, but sometimes it gets weakened. But then you can always boost it by bringing necessary changes in your lifestyle and prevent skin infections more strongly.

Foods that cause inflammation


Inflammation. Your body’s way of protecting you.

Redness, swelling and pain are just outward signs of what most of us think of as inflammation. In fact, these are just symptoms of the actual problem, infection or injury; the immune system’s way of asking for help.

The first step is for the body to summon the white blood cells, those “fighters” of the immune system that step in to fight any small infection or damaged tissue. When the immune system feels threatened, or just can’t handle the attack by itself, it manifests clearly in various degrees of inflammation. This is a healthy response; a sign that the immune system is working as it should. Just swelling and redness that may at first seem to have no obvious reason, to extreme pain or fever that just cannot be ignored. Rest, simple treatment is usually enough to treat this inflammation at first. The point is not to constantly ignore these calls for help from your body.

Natural heart burn remedies


What exactly is heart burn? It is best described as a chronic condition that happens to be both painful and expensive. There is a huge market for easy- to-cure, over the counter remedies. Yet, there are some simple home remedies like apple cider vinegar, cinnamon and ginger that are even more efficacious in curing or alleviating heart burn; and less expensive too.

Heart burn or symptoms therein manifest when the lower esophagus sphincter opens to enable acid from the stomach to flow into the esophagus. Other symptoms of heart burn are chest pain, a dry cough, sore throat, dental caries, and asthma and lung problems. Chronic symptoms of heart burn can lead to narrowing and ulceration of the esophagus and even probably cancer. Most often, patients suffering from heart burn experience absenteeism, reduced productivity in day to day affairs and sleep disruption.