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Excessive flatulence – causes and remedies


Excessive flatulence and burping is a disorder which is typically a characteristic reaction to unhygienically cooked food. What happens when there is cause for excessive flatulence is that most of the bodily functions are affected and disturbed due to accumulation of gas. This gas is most often produced due to putrefaction of food that is ingested.

Most people turn a blind eye to early symptoms of flatulence. Little do they realize that excessive gas formation in the body can crowd, distend and dislodge internal organs from their original position, thereby causing diseases, disorder and acute misery.

How to prevent cancer naturally


Though we seem to have made inroads in every aspect of technology and science, there’s one huge area in which we’re sorely lagging. The prevention and cure of cancer. It’s true huge strides forward have been made in research, but it’s also true that there seems to be more patients stricken by the big C all around us. It’s a rare person today who doesn’t personally know someone suffering, on treatment, or who has died of Cancer.

Most research unfortunately is targeted at creating or fine-tuning stronger and stronger drugs to fight, control or cure cancer. But not much is being done to figure out how we can simple prevent cancer.

Dangers of bottled water


Gone are the days of drinking boiled and cooled water. What with life being stressful and chaotic with no time to devote to quality and healthy lifestyles, added work pressure, home and children to look after, more and more families resort to using bottled water to save time and fuel.

Not only is bottled water harmful to health, but it also is destructive to the environment. Over sixty seven million water bottles are discarded each day out of which only a mere ten percent is recycled. Recycling of water bottles is not good always since it is labor intensive, costly and only burns natural resources.

Home remedies for whitening your teeth naturally


Oral hygiene should be given top priority always. Most people are particular about sporting or wanting to sport a flashy dazzling smile always. But it is a fact that the natural actual color of our teeth is somewhere between light yellow to lighter yellow-red. They tend to darken even more as one gets older.

As one grows older, the tooth enamel tends to crack and erode and exposes the less dense interior of the tooth. This is called dentin and it tends to absorb food coloring in foods. Teeth get stained due to over consumption of beverages like coffee, tea, colas and other soft drinks. This naturally leads to build up of plaque and tartar on the teeth.

How to boost your metabolism naturally



There are plenty of methods by which you can give your metabolism a much needed boost and that too without resorting to using dangerous drugs and other products.

Most importantly and most often overlooked, is the first meal of the day, the breakfast. Make it a regular habit to never ever skip breakfast. Refrain from using highly refined grains and sugar based products. Take fresh fruit juices in plenty. Make sure to always include a protein source in your breakfast.

Dangers of Aspartame


It is unsafe to rely on mere facts and assumptions, especially when it comes to food and other edible stuff. Even though the Food and Drugs Administration approves it, of late, it has been proved that artificial sweeteners (like Aspartame) are not safe to consume. A lot of people use aspartame, an artificial sweetener, assuming it to be safe.

Aspartame is found in a wide range of products right from instant breakfasts, cereals, sugar free chewing gum, over the counter medicines, shake mixes, soft drinks, cocoa mixes, yogurt, and gelatin desserts and so on. But there are serious doubts as to whether aspartame is totally safe for consumption. It has toxic ingredients which can actually increase your appetite. There have been instances of adverse reactions to aspartame and even death, and this artificial sweetener really poses a serious threat to public health.

Massage in Ayurveda


Benefits of Ayurvedic Massage

In Ayurveda, massage is highly praised and recommended as a daily practice. As people follow the daily practice of eating and sleeping, so should they receive massage and discharge waste materials.

Ayurveda believes that pains and aches are caused by obstruction of the flow of vayu (wind) through vayu-carrying vessels, or siras. Heat is generated by rubbing, which makes the body airs expand and move. Circulation of vayu in the siras relieves tension and reduces pain. Massage also promotes a deeper and more natural breathing pattern.

Regular massage relaxes the muscles, nerves, bones, and the whole body. It aids the digestive system by maintaining the proper balance and circulation of body gases; it induces deep sleep, increases the appetite, and generally makes life more joyful.

How to prevent heart attacks


It may be interesting to note that while several Western countries are shunning fast food sausage, hamburger and pizza, they are at the top popularity in India, where eating has become more a mechanical process than expression of culture and communication. High level of cholesterol due to indiscriminate use of fats and lack of physical activity are responsible for heart attack.

It is disturbing that while the West over the past two decades has been able slow the pattern, it is not the same in India where the incidence of heart disease is fast growing. In 1986 the incidence of death due to communicable diseases was 478 per one lac population and the incidence of death due to heart attack was 145 per one lac population while in 2000 the incidence of deaths due to communicable diseases declined significantly to 215 per lac of population. The incidence of deaths due to heart attacks rose sharply to 253 per lac of population. According to a WHO estimate the projected figures of deaths due to heart attacks by 2015 may well go up to 293 per one lac population in India thus occupying the position of killer no. 1. As of now over 7.5 crore Indians are suffering from heart diseases. The most unfortunate aspect of the problem is most of the sufferers are unaware of their affliction and many others do not bother for minor complaints such as breathlessness on exertion. There is little wonder then about 25 lac people die of attacks annually.

Natural heart health


Heart disease is rated as the major cause of death among men as well as women. Even though this is cause for serious concern, there are ways and means to prevent heart disease and to even reverse effects of a previous or current heart condition. Taking steps to lower cholesterol, triglycerides, homocystene and CRP levels are basic steps that can be taken to promote healthy hearts. A few lifestyle changes coupled with a heart healthy diet and exercise program can help you maintain a healthy heart for the rest of your life.

Medicinal benefits of marigold flower


Marigold is a brightly colored summer flower, also referred to by the name Calendula. It is an ancient medicinal herb with several medicinal properties and uses.

Marigold has always been used from time immemorial in the treatment of headaches, toothache, and swelling and also for strengthening of the heart. This lovely flower has been used in several culinary recipes like soups and stews and hence it has derived its name ‘pot marigold’ from this tradition of adding this beautiful flower to the cooking pot.